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May 10, 2012
By broguen SILVER, Brookline, Massachusetts
broguen SILVER, Brookline, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
The stars in order twinkle in the skies,
And fall in silence, and in silence rise.

- William Broome

Life has a relationship with time in which time passes us quickly when life calls for it to, and is painfully slow when we least expect it. In the passing of time in our time on earth, we forget to do so many things that we regret forgetting when time slows to a stop. We forget that we are not immortal, we forget that we haven’t it all. And sometimes, we forget to learn. As time passes, it is important to learn from all of our experiences, because in turn, they make us who we are. For in the end, it is not the experience that makes us worthy or memorable, it is what we drew from it. We start life not knowing where we’re going, or even where we want to go. But we find our way as it passes. Some find what they are living for immediately. Others take longer journeys, simply because they were built to. Sooner or later, weather we recognise it or not, we end up living for something. Yourself; someone else; society— anything that, in reality, has influenced you whether you liked it or not. We figure out that there are things that cannot and will not change, and they are rules that we will learn to cope with, learn from, and live by. We discover the things that we can change, and change them. And we find the difference between the two. Time builds a cage and a bird for us, and life is the time to find our ways, be it in, out, both, or neither. Along the way, we live out our lives in our laughter, our sadness; having our hearts broken and mended, losing your best friend or your family, losing yourself, even. But in this worn and traveled path, the most important and significant thing we do is learn. We learn. We learn. We learn. We learn from time. We learn from life. And we learn to tell the difference.

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