Moving On

May 10, 2012
By Emilygatkins BRONZE, Holly, Michigan
Emilygatkins BRONZE, Holly, Michigan
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Laying in my bed breathless, waiting for someone to tell me they were kidding, that this was all a joke that something that terrible couldn't happen. I just seen them, I hugged both of them not even 3 hours ago. I knew in my heart that someone wouldn't joke around like that. I felt like I was stuck in this nightmare and I couldn't wake myself up. My mom was sitting at the edge of the bed after she had just told me the news that would forever change my life. " Mom, please tell me that they are ok. Tell me that everything's fine," I cried to my mother. She just looks at me with tears filling her blue eyes and said " Honey, I wish I could. Dontae didn't make it, he passed instantly and Casey is in the ICU." My eyes filled with tears and my stomach sank, it's the worst feeling in the world loosing people you love, especially the ones that you see everyday. I lay in my bed speechless just remembering all the times we shared together. I pull myself together, get out of bed and found some clothes to wear. Slipped my shoes on and went down the stairs. My brother was franticly pacing the living room. I hug my brother, thanking God for protecting my brother. Well all put our coasts on and went out the door not even looking back. A car full of emotions we pulled out of the driveway and headed to the hospital.

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