Wondrous Winter

April 30, 2012
By d00dflyinbaby BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
d00dflyinbaby BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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"You gotta fall before you fly"- Sleeping With Sirens

Snow falls, covering the road in front of us and lighting the night with its pure white glow. We walked on, hearing the snow crunch beneath our feet with every step. My cheeks felt as if they were burning with fire, though the air was below freezing. The sky, with no light or sign of guidance, had hidden its stars and moon behind the deep clouds. There was nowhere to be. There was nothing to say. We breathed slowly and silently; with every breath of warmth from our lungs came a puff of white as it met with the chilled air all around us. Our hands intertwined, both arms gently swaying back and forth with every step. It was as if walking through a paradise of winter; there was no movement on our faces, just blank emotionless awe. But slowly time slipped away from us and the sun crept up behind the hills. Having dreamt this dream, written this story with vivid words and descriptions, the moment will still never be captured the same way it was that night with him by my side.

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It's totally random...

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