I Hate Puddles

April 26, 2012
By , Huntington Beach, CA
It is a rather gloomy day. The sky is gray, and the scattered showers are frustrating. I’m walking along the sidewalk, alone, dealing with this wretched weather. There’s a puddle up ahead. I hate puddles. They are formed from these scattered showers, but they also gather dirt, and grime, and all of this other filth on the ground. I’m still walking. A car drives by a puddle in the road, and splashes the filth enriched water my jacket, but I wipe it off. I hate puddles.

I am still walking. The sky is clearing up a bit ahead; maybe this weather will be done soon. It starts to rain again. On and off, on and off, why won’t it just go away? Constantly it is reminding me of its existence. The rain is making more puddles full of grime. I hate puddles. I continue to walk along despite the rain, and the gloominess it brings to the day. Maybe the rain will stop soon.

The sky is clearing up more ahead; maybe this weather will soon be done. The rain is slowing down, and the clouds are moving. There are still puddles everywhere. The rain has stopped--for now at least. Just up ahead some sun is shining through.

Just up ahead, where the sun is shining, is a rainbow. Puddles do not like rainbows. I like rainbows. No one understands rainbows. They think that they lead to gold, or they think that they are strange, or that they are weird, but they are not. Rainbows are simply deviations of light. They are still light, but just simply altered. That does not make them strange, or weird, but simply unique. Rainbows and light are essentially the same, but no one seems to understand.

I like rainbows. I am not a rainbow, and never will be, but I like them just the same. I hate puddles. I am not a puddle and never will I be a puddle. Puddles are filthy, and abundant, with nothing special about them. However, rainbows are amazing. I like rainbows.

I am still walking, but heading toward the light, away from the storm, and away from the gloom. I hope that others are behind me, or better ahead of me, but many, are still stuck in the puddle. I hate puddles.

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