The Question That Stumped a God

April 26, 2012
By Anonymous

He lived in Athens where the sun shined from the mountainous regions to the vast oceans. His name was known to all across Athens. He was Conan, the god of wisdom. As an infant his father was Zeus, the father of gods and men. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is Conan's mother. Conan is translated to wise, therefore Conan is the god of wisdom.

As an intelligent young boy Conan would tackle the questions that stumped society. The problems were answered with ease as Conan quickly became an icon in Athens. Athens was astonished that Conan could solve the most complex problems. The fact that he has never been wrong was amusing and they adored him. One humid, hot summer day he went to the market. When he was buying chicken eggs to go with his morning breakfast he stumbled upon a merchant's question.

The merchant said, "Which came first, Conan, the chicken or the egg?"

Conan replied, "The egg because the chicken came from the egg."

"Than who made the egg Conan?"

Conan ignored the question because he could not answer the egg and chicken question. Therefore, he saved himself the embarrassment of telling the man he didn't know by leaving like the conversations never started in the first place. Being stumped was a first for Conon, therefore, he exclaimed, "I will never be stumped!" The problem was that he was stumped. His father, Zeus, told him to forget about the question. Conan went insane as he alienated himself from everybody and he turned into a delirious monster. Athens was terrified of him and deployed him to a miniscule island that is smaller than most towns. After a series of mental breakdowns he had a fatal stroke. Conan could never be proven wrong so he never let go of the question. Since he didn’t live to forget during his life he became a monster who drove himself to his death. Zeus created a statue in remembrance to his son, so every human can recall what happened to Conan, the god of wisdom in Athens.

The author's comments:
I did this for an English paper

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