Generations Before, Now Revealed

April 26, 2012
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My mother is at work, and my father is traveling to Greece for a business trip. I was home alone. Everywhere around me was silent. There were no kids playing outside around the neighborhood. Usually the day would be full of laughter and cheer, but today was different. Tired of being bored, I walked to my room and went into my closet. My closet was slightly vast and was cluttered with shirts, jeans, and hats. Slowly moving through the clutter, I walked to the end of the slightly vast closet. At the end of the closet, hidden by a curtain, was a door, which lead to a secret library. The library wasn’t very large, and it only held about 400 books, but no more. If you looked at the room in the perspective of just entering the room, you would see a few things. Looking to the left you would see a bookshelf that was as tall as the room and as long as the room. You would also see the same thing on the right side. When looking straight in front of you, you would see a golden pedestal with a glass cover over it. The glass covering had a glass screen password entering so no one would still the book. Inside the glass covering is a book. The book was about the size two journals in both length and width.
I walked up toward the pedestal and typed in the code. I lifted the glass up and picked up the book. Then I turned to my left and walked toward another hidden door. This door leads to my private reading room. It is also where I would do my homework, talk to myself, or just think about something privately. My mother did not know I had this room, but my dad did, and he never told mom. Mom doesn’t even know that I had this kind of room. I entered the room, sat down, and opened the book. You might be thinking about why this book is so special. I, like you didn’t think it was special until know.
My name is Swan Aglaia Callisto Destiny Book-Reader Song. Yes, I have a long name. My father chose these names from his family side’s ancestors. I have jet-black hair (real hair color) and my eyes are a strange bright blue-green. My age is 13. I’m in 7’Th grade. I am an only child. Father and mother always called me Sweet Rain because I was always sweeter in the rain. My mother’s name is Mary-Jane Rebecca Song. Her hair is blonde and extremely curly, and her eyes are blue. Almost like the color of sapphire. She works at a company that supplies and packages any item that is brought to the building. My father has jet-black hair like I do, but his eyes are gray with the hint of blue inside those cloudy gray eyes. Father says that his eyes were passed down from his family side. He works for a house company and has to go around giving people tours of houses. Father once suggested we move to the place where he was going to have to work at for a while, but he didn’t for two reasons. One; mom and I were happy in London, England. Two; mother got ticked off when he made us move once, and I stayed in the attic half the time. Mother made father sleep on the couch every night until we go to move back.
On regular days, mother would go to work. Father would be gone for weeks, and I would have the whole house to myself, but one day it changed. On November 6, my father was back from his long week trip and he called me to his chambers. My father’s chamber was vast. He had a warm fire to heat up by and went there for private thinking and other stuff. I walked to his chamber and opened the door. I heard the usual crackling from the fire, but not the usual newspaper flipping. Slowly I walked up to my father and sat down in the chair across from him. My father and I looked at each other for a moment. Then father said, “ Sweet Rain, today I need to give you something. It’s been passed down for three generations.” I stared at father with curiosity asking, “ Father, what are you talking about? What is being passed unto me?” Father chuckled with joy, “ Dear Sweet Rain, you have never understood me as much as you know your mother. Am I correct?” I nodded guilty. Then I asked, “ Why, though?” Father looked away from me and looked at the fire for a few moments and sighed.

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LittleChild said...
Jul. 9, 2013 at 7:12 pm
I liked how I got pulled into it so easily. There were a few things that broke me out of the narrative, be it sentences that seemed awkard/misplaced or typos, but overall I liked it!
M3156 said...
May 23, 2012 at 7:44 pm
Well, it is a very good rough draft. It sounds like it will be a great story
Darbs1325 said...
May 9, 2012 at 5:31 pm
This is just a rough draft and I hanvet finished this short story yet... 
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