April 4, 2012
By ThereseB BRONZE, Falun, Other
ThereseB BRONZE, Falun, Other
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Drugs... I think I took too much of that fuzzy drug. I looked around. I laid in the middle of the street so I rose. My legs had lots of scars and when I tried to walk over to the grass beside of the road my foot was in pain. I fell harmless to the ground and it felt like a thousands needles were put in my foot. How did I get here? I thought. All memories from the night were gone.

24 hours ago...

Today was the day. Today was the day that I was supposed to have a great 19th birthday.
“Emily, hurry up!” My best friend William sat in his gorgeous car, a silver Mustang, waiting for me. I put my new converse on and ran to the car.
“Hello!” I said with a big smile.
“Hello! Today is the day!” William replied.
“I'm so excited, you know that feeling when you feel unstoppable?”
“Oh yes!” William's eyes were focused on the road.
“I feel that way now!” Today no one could stop me from having fun. When we arrived to the tattoo studio I smiled even bigger.
“Are you ready?” William asked me. I nodded and gave him a hug. I finally got my tattoo of a rose. A red rose on my left leg. After that we went to William's house to start the party. I got drunk only 1 hour after all the people got to the house. Everything around me just spun around and I think I threw up in a plant. Not good. An old friend of mine, Jake, walked up to me and said:
“Hey, do you want some help?”
I looked at him with an almost angry face and said:
“No, I can take care of myself, Jake!”
“I don't think so, come, let's wash you off.”
Jake helped me up and led me to the shower. I changed t-shirt and washed my face. Jake looked at me, smiling.
“You're beautiful. Did you know that?”
I saw myself in the mirror, I looked terrible. Jake rose and took my hand.
“Come, I want to give you something.”
I just followed him and we went upstairs. It started to feeling odd and wrong.
“This is what I call Fuzzy.” He held up a pill and put it in my mouth. I swallowed it immediately and after 5 minutes I didn't see a thing. My body fell on the bed and I saw nothing. Nothing at all, only the darkness behind my eyes. I felt someone was touching me but I couldn't speak. The person started to take off my clothes. I tried to kick and rise but my body refused everything I tried to do. Finally I could see, and what I saw was Jake. All over me with his hands. He raped me and left me there and then, naked and crying. For 3 hours I lay there. After 3 horrible hours my body started to move. So I put on my clothes, again and ran out. I hit all kind of things that laid in my way. All the people were gone. They had left me. I opened the front door and continued running. A few men tried to talk to me but I just ignored them. And then, I fell, like I've never done before. I fell on the ground and fainted. And now I'm sitting on the ground and can't remember a s*** from the night.

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