Lost Ties

May 4, 2012
By connugget BRONZE, Countryside, Illinois
connugget BRONZE, Countryside, Illinois
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We were on our way to our favorite spot in the woods. It was a Saturday evening, Megan and I didn’t have work, so we started calling some of our friends like Luis, Katpoop (aka Shannon) and her boyfriend Cam(aka Mr. Powers). They came over to my house, and brought our other friends Emmy, Connor, Chris, and Jman. Emmy had her own car so Shannon, Cam, and Connor, rode with her. Everyone else jumped in the car with me. Before we left town we had to stop at Wal-Mart for some essentials. After we got the goods we were on our way. It didn’t take long to get there, really only is about a fifteen minute drive. At least felt like it with Megan’s driving.

When we got there it felt . . . strange. The sky looked like a dark shade of purple. We pulled up where we normally parked,

“Hey, do you guys see that guy?” said Chris.

“Na, where?” said Jman.

Chris slapped Jman in the back of the head. “Right over there, behind the tree Tim normally p*sses on.”

“What the h*ll dude? Why’d you do that?” Jman cried.

We all got out of the car and started walking towards our spot. It was just another day in the woods. It’s always peaceful here. A place where a writer would come to get out of the cities clustered streets, and away from all the ignorance. The fire warmed our faces as Connor threw boxes on it.

“Hey, where’s Jman?” screamed Connor. No one was listening, except Emmy.
“That’s him right there” Emmy pointed toward the trail in the forest.

Jman comes running up like he’s in a triathlon.
“Guys, look at what that old guy sold me.” Jman holds out a glass bottle with this glowing green liquid in it.
“Whoa! What is that stuff?”
“I don’t know, he wouldn’t tell me. Only said if anyone asks, you never seen me. I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to drink it.”
“Well, hey man, share the love!” I said.
“Ewe, You guys are actually going to drink that? You don’t even know what it is,” Megan said with a disgusted voice.
After about twenty minutes later, the sky was dark and everything was real quiet. The only thing you heard was the cracking of the fire and the distant sounds of trucks dropping their loads, picking up new ones, heading out to the next town. We finally got everyone else to try at least a sip of the mysterious green liquor. They were all quiet. But I remember I looked over to where Cam was standing. He was next to a tall tree that we used to hang on. I didn’t know what he was staring at until I looked up at the top of the trees. It looked like a bunch of spider veins reaching into the sky, sucking the life out of the sky.

“What the h*ll is happening?” whispered Cam.

“I don’t know man.” I replied.
Cam and I turned around and everyone was gone. The fire was out and no one was to be seen. It looked like no one was ever here before. The pile of ash, the whole floor beneath me, was overpopulated with weeds.

“I don’t think that was just liquor man. It could’ve been like liquid LSD.” I told cam.

“Na, where would he have gotten that from?” Cam scolded me.

“I’m just saying man. It could’ve been anything”
The words “could’ve been anything,” sounded like they were mumbled or even slurred and came out as if I was in slow motion. I could see the words, as I said them, they just kind of strayed away.
We started to walk through the weeds and hungry looking plants. They didn’t look too friendly. They all had big eyes, big mouths, big leaves. After a couple of minutes, what felt like hours, we found the rest of the group. They were sitting at the same campfire that we were at before.
I thought to myself, did we just walk in circles?

The whole group looked at me and said “Yes.”

“What?” I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Yeah. You did walk in circles.”
“How did you hear me?” I didn’t know what was going on. I felt so confused and numb.
When I sat down, I realized that I was all aone and there was no one around me. I was all alone. What had happened? What ever happened that night most of been horrific, because now I’m wasting my time, in search of that green liquid that made me come home, where I can get along with all of my friends, in my own little world. Deep inside of my mind.

The author's comments:
I don't really know what this is. tried expermenting with randoms things.

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