Good Morning?

April 29, 2012
By Anonymous

….And as I laid content and smug in the lonely fog of the shrouded marsh my eyes were drawn toward the heavens, that I had so long scorned. The comfort of the isolationist shelter I had made for myself here in the cocoon of the misty marshes was shattered by the sight I beheld. A feeling of unreality and numbness encroached upon my fragile mind as the unwanted light from the heavens above crept ever deeper into the marsh. The image brought forth through dumbstruck eyes filled me neither with scorn or, anticipation, nor fear but, rather a fatalistic indifference of sorts.

After all, was this not my destiny? To rise and fall in synchrony to this luminous being? Why should one carry resentment and bitterness in their heart for the immovable mountains of life? These were the thoughts that trailed through my awareness as I gazed upon my destiny. Despite my calm indifference, I knew that what bore through the belly of the heavens deserved much more exaltation than what I spared it. A feeling of paralysis threatened to set in but, somewhere deep within a remnant pillar of willpower stood firm within me. But still I made no action; I had not yet heard the alarming call of destiny. Until I heard the call I would lie in denial to the coming of my destiny: the morning, the day, the Sun.

The author's comments:
I decided to write this when I was thinking back to last year when I was deeply depressed. This is a dramatized description of what it was like during that time when I had to get up each morning to face another day of school and socializing feeling empty and sad.

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