One Limb at a Time

April 28, 2012
By Anonymous

He doesn’t know why he is the laughing stock of the town, besides the fact he has no body and his oversized cranium is perched in the middle of the town. Jason was born a normal child and loved to play games with friends, participate in sports, and do the normal things an energetic kid would do; but at age 16, his life turned around.

Every 4th day of the month one of his body parts would disappear, it started with his feet and legs and progressively moved up his body until nothing besides Jason’s was left. Jason went to the town doctor when all of his toes were gone the doctor was shocked; he never saw anything like it and unfortunately had no cure or medication to prevent it. This made Jason extremely upset wishing he had never been stricken with this jeopardizing disease. Even though Jason was scared about having the disease, he knew he couldn’t do anything to stop it so he lived his life to the fullest until the worst of his problems came upon him. The pattern continued and every 4th day of the month he would lose a limb from the neck down. As this happened Jason grew weaker and it prevented him from enjoying his interests.
Even though Jason was different than most kids because of his disease, he still had plenty of friends, but with friends came enemies. Kids constantly picked on him, calling him names, and bullied him because of his physical problems. Jason started coming to school in a wheel chair which made the bullying a lot worse and chaotic. This made it deathly hard on Jason sometimes; he wished he were dead. At school he got pushed around constantly and kept falling out of his wheelchair, which put him in even more risk at injury than he was. The last day that Jason still had arms was a Saturday and he spent as much time with his friends and family as he could, making the most of it. That night while sleeping Jason’s arms disappeared, and some kids that bullied him at school decided to pull a prank on him. The bullies snuck into Jason’s house and grabbed him while he was asleep. They took him into town and placed his head on stilts in the middle of town. Jason woke up not recognizing where he was. When people were walking by and laughing that’s when he realized he was in town with no body parts and had no choice to stay there and die, unless someone helped him. Jason lived to the age of 18 being called names and was laughed at because of a disease he couldn’t help. After his death people realized no matter how much a person changes on the outside their still the same on the inside.

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