wails from leap

April 27, 2012
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I heard the women’s wail from the lurid and murky hills. The sound echoed throughout the halls and rooms of the castle covered in stone. The lifeless and colorless stone walls were what I had captured in my vision though. The screams were common from the castle of Leap. The thrilling silence all around afterwards was the hard part. You couldn’t help, but wonder. What happened? Where did they go once they stopped screaming? Did they die? Annabelle was the first to go and I feared that we’d all go down as well. The pattern continued with Laura, then lady fox, and finally my mother Silla. Dad didn’t take losing her well, not well at all. He grew somber and obscure. He started forming demeaning habits that lead to his disrespect. He lied and cheated. He grew angry and controlling. I was the target of most of this.
The women’s lurid screams was nothing like what I felt in my bones. I lusted for escape, but my father locked us up in here. He took my fancy clothes in an attempt to draw me away from the world he knew as only horror. My dresses with lace and velvet were gone except for one, which I held like it was worth my soul. It was my one scrap of the outside world, my only hope. I knew I needed more, so one night when he was sleeping I crept out of my window and carefully made my way through the vines.
The moon was high in the sky and shining like a beckon. I heard the wind whisper my name, “Alora, Alora come to me, come.” Part of me knew I shouldn’t. Part of my mind told me to go home, but I didn’t. I knew once you entered the land of the leap castle you didn’t go back. I just had to see. I had to explore. The wind blew and wolves howled. The atmosphere of horror should’ve filled my soul with dread yet it didn’t. The terror of turning back affected me more. I knew I had to keep going. I trudged through the dark forests until I saw the castle.
A man caught a glimpse of me and grabbed on to me. His grey hair was falling off in patches. His back was hunched and skin was wrinkled.
“You must not go in. don’t fair lady don’t!” he exclaimed in sheer horror.
I ignored him and pulled him off. He ran after me until he cowered back. I saw it before me. The castle of leap stood a short distance before me. Mist surrounded it like a cloth covers a corpse, and you could almost hear the chilling screams of every victim. They resounded through the rolling hills, and even from my distance they were so loud they struck my ears. I covered my ears and started to tremble.
Second thoughts entered my head. Could I do this? Would this kill me? Could I take that step that could lead to my doom? Yet I was sick of my life. I was sick of the control of my father. I sighed and pressed on. The wind hollowed and practically No, don’t go on. I almost reached the iron gates when I saw a young man.
He had a look of helplessness in his deep brown eyes. He had rumpled hair that somehow looked dashing on him. His skin was of average complexion and he was handsome with a lean body. He definitely caught my attention. I must have caught his too because he looked right into my soul with his eyes. I smiled a little. He smiled back for a split second. Then he went back to his nervous look and stared at the moon. I looked up too, but saw nothing, but a moon close to being full. He turned away and so did I. we went separate ways.
The gates creaked open and I heard a menacing laugh. I slowly entered the castle. The castle had an aroma of fear. Every step I took made me tremble more. The stone walls were cracked and tapestries were torn. Thoughts of death engulfed my mind. I wondered why I felt this way. I heard in my head voices that almost made me scream.
Hello, hello my dearest damsel
I am here to be yours come to me
Come to me for I am here
But be warned beware, beware
The other man is here.
I sighed entranced by the voice for a few seconds. I then come to my senses and came out of my trance. I wondered down the corridor. There were a lot of old doors with these knockers. The knockers started knocking and I could finally see what they were when the eyes went red. They were demons. The eyes glowed and followed me. I heard a deep laugh and turned around, but there was nothing behind me.
Fearing for my life I ran into an open door. The room was well decorated with gold curtains and crimson red bedding that reminded me of blood. Wind blew from inside and I knew it was impossible. It gave me the chills. I saw a few papers fly by. I grabbed them as they flew by me. Wanting to take my mind off the fear I started to read.
My name is Nathanial. Right now I am trapped, but my past and my present. Aye I came here for my love…….
She is so beautiful: red hair flowed; green eyes shined were every place she went, and her beauty shown brighter than any sun. The feeling of chills ran through me when she vanished and I just cried. I ran to the castle and heard her scream. I ran to the chamber and saw her hanging. I grabbed on to her and held on. Blood stopped pumping through my skin because she grasped my hand so tight. I breathed faster and faster until I could barely breathe. I dropped her. I wailed and wailed. I jumped in and was with my lover. Yet I arose and arose. I closed my eyes and imagined I was with her.
The next morning I awoke by the edge of the gate. I cried because I knew I lost her. i then recalled the night before. I was attacked. A werewolf pulled me out. I knew I was cursed……

I knew she was in danger. The girl I saw. Why didn’t I stop her? She was beautiful with the same hair and same sparkle in her eyes. I knew I had to save her. I rushed to the gates and then sneaked in right before they closed. They closed at the touch of midnight right when the two brothers killed each other’s wife. I knew that they’d kill her. I couldn’t let her die as well. I had done monstrous things when I was the wolf. I wanted redemption. To save her would save my soul.
?Alora ?
I saw a shadow in my mirror and was horrified. What was happening? I heard the voice again calling my name. Come here my pretty, come my brother won’t touch you if your with me…

I wanted out. I wished I had stayed home. I wished, oh how I wished. I mourned knowing this place would be the last of me. Sighing I turned back around to see the man in the mirror beckoning for me. I stayed where I was until I saw his spirit move from the mirror to me. I screamed and he covered my mouth. Come, come my pretty. He whispered. His face scared me. It was burnt and deformed. He looked demonic. I looked at the mirror again as I tried to get him off and saw a bloody hand print. I heard the cries of thousands of women as he touched my face. It burned through my skin leaving me with a mark goin down my face. No. I thought. He smiled and said without lips moving I found you.
I hoped I wasn’t too late as I bombarded through the hallways and corridors. I peered into every room until I heard her moan. The demonic signs meant nothing to me. I had to save her. I followed her wail. That pained my heart so much as I thought of Caroline. I heard the same scream from her. I ran through the corridor until I saw the crimson room, as I called it. I was trapped there once. I peered in to see her on the bed with him touching her. “No, I screamed as he kept touching her. I felt anguished. I knew the other man would come soon as well and throw her in the pit. I hated these monsters. There was on name for them none. They mixed so many elements that I was confused as anyone to these super natural creatures. I inched closer, but as I did he faded away. The girl was left on the bed almost lifeless. I saw her eyes grow red as she chanted, “Come back. Come back.” I hoped it wasn’t too late to save her. I could only hope.
?Alora ?

I wondered where he went. I saw him just a second ago as his icy hands touched me. I felt the agony, but it was so sweet. I wanted him back. I saw three women. They screamed “no, no , no!” I saw the other man in the mirror and he called to me. Dazed I blacked out.
I saw him in the mirror too and went over to it. I cracked the mirror. The spirit screamed as I attacked, yet it was too late. She was convinced. I saw that dull glaze in her eyes as she inched toward her certain death.
“Stop, stop, please stop. You don’t want it. It’ll bring you to your death.” I begged as I stepped in front of her. the girl however kept moving.
“I can’t. I need it.” She replied almost desperate. She kept walking. I stopped her by holding her. She tried to escape from my hold yet I held her tight. “No,” I whispered, “I won’t let go, not this time. I lost another girl to these monsters, but not you.”
She wailed. She wanted it so badly, yet it would lead to her death. Suddenly one of the two spirits attacked me. I had to let go to fight back. I knew his weakness was fire. The two brothers had been burned alive after killing each other’s wives after all. I grabbed a torch and threw it in his face. He screamed and vanished. I turned around to see her entering the chapel door. No, I wouldn’t let it happen. She didn’t know, but I knew. I knew what happened. The two men we now know as the spirits fought there all the time. The oldest brother was trying to kill his brother’s wife out of spite. Yet every time he tried something came up. I knew that the youngest was plotting the same thing, so the youngest made a chamber in the chapel where his wife prayed. When she fell in she was killed by the spikes. The oldest got back by taking the youngest brother’s wife and throwing her in there. She didn’t die from the spikes though. She died from being stuck in there for days while the husband was off on business. I knew they killed each other’s choice of girl. The girl was destined to die. I sighed and charged after her. I wouldn’t let her die.
?Alora ?

I entered the room longing for his voice. The chapel was lit poorly with three torches. I saw a cross with blood spattered on it. I heard his voice call my name, Alora, Alora. I followed him. I lost my bearings and started to fall. I suddenly awoke from what seemed like a long
Sleep. Screaming I started to slip from the edge slowly. I saw the man again. I saw he was throwing holy water on these demons and they were shrieking …

He saw me and lifted me up. I looked at him once again and smiled.
All I could say was, “Thank you.” He just smiled and carried me out of the castle into the darkness. I saw the full moon rising. He looked desperate and started to run. “Wait!” I called, but he kept running. I heard him scream in agony. He turned around transformed into a beast. The beast looked at me with hungry eyes and attacked. I felt pain go through me and I cried. I was going to die by the man who saved me….

I woke up to see her sleeping peacefully, yet there was blood all around. My first thought was of grief. I turned her. The girl I tried to save I almost killed. I cried again this time out of shame. She awoke and said my crying face, “You saved me and yes it came at a price, but thank you.” She said her face full of happiness. She leaned into my chest and I held her as I said, “I am Nathanial. I’ve been waiting forever to save someone thank you.”
She just smiled and replied with, “I’m Alora and I have been waiting for you too.” We stayed by the castle wall for a few hours and then left together.
100 years later
?the youngest brother?
We awoke from our deep slumber. I stared at my brother and sighed. It was time to battle again. This time I’d get her. I’d get the maiden for better or for worse.
I was exploring the ruins of Leap wondering if the stories my mother told me were true. Did murders really take place here? I heard the wind whisper, “Laura, Laura” come to me. I shrugged and discarded it as a part of my vivid imagination. I heard the voice again calling my name. I headed into the ruins of Leap through the rusted gates to hear that voice.
?the oldest brother?
I saw the maiden entering the remains of my beloved castle. She was a red head…Ahh he loved red heads. This meant war. This time I would win.

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