Ode to Jake

April 26, 2012
By JosieFrost BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
JosieFrost BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Dogs come and go, and your secrets might die with them. But if your sane, you still talk to them, even if their dead. No one can tell you your a lost cause, because they do it to.
“Sparky, you still listening?” or “Oreo, I miss you so much.”.
We all know how heavens going to go. Were going to go, get judged or some mystery, reunite with old family and friends, then play with our dogs. We will jump in the clouds like we are five years old, and we'll tear up at the sound of your bark. I think it goes the same way for cats and lizards, but they aren't like dogs. Just petting a dog can fill you with happiness.
So Jake, if your up there, listening. I love you, my guardian angel. Chris and I still remember the way you'd take off if you had the chance to leave, but you'd always be back. Always. Jumping from my window scared me, but made me laugh all the same. The screen was still all torn up when we moved out, because by that time mom was to worried to fret about something like that.
The trip up north still brings a smile to my face, and once we got to the house, you peed on just about everything. I can still recall you and Sara running after that little red light. Johnny and I laughed because there was no hope of you guys catching it, but you still ran.
We moved again, and I remember you attacking the neighbors dog. Mom was mad, but I still snicker whenever I think of a Yorkshire Terrier...stupid little dogs.
Then you got older, about fourteen, and you started to throw up. You marked your territory inside now, and you didn't run as fast. Gray hair grew from your snout, and you growled at people who came in the door. I remember you tried to bite my brothers, I got a kick out of it. It doesn't seem as funny now, though.
I can still hear mom and dad talking about what to do. “Put him down? Keep him?” You took us into the living room and started asking us about it. I couldn't stay long though, because tears weren't good when you were talking. Even Chris cried, and I thought boys never cried after fourteen.
When I came home, mom and dad told us that they had taken you to the Humane Society, along with the nine puppies Sara gave birth to. I didn't even think about them. I was crying as I thought of you. I'm still crying, Jake. I know in my heart your not here anymore, and it breaks my soul. I think about how as soon as I die, I get to play again.
Sara's taking care of me, now, Jake. But she didn't do it the way you did. You'd lay near my bed all night. You barked at everything. I knew that if I had you, I'd be okay.
After you left, I thought about how much I had to let go of. Now as I look back, I try to treasure everything you did for me. You never once growled at me, Jake. You didn't growl at Chris either.
Chris got another dog. He named him Wolf man. I liked him, but he wasn't you. Sara is a good dog, though. I love her.
I still think about you, Jake. If I get scared, I think about the thing you did for Steph. When Bear was attacking her, you tried. You barked and growled, you even jumped on him, even though he was your best friend. Bear left after that.
Jake, I love you. Chris misses you. I don't want to miss you anymore, because you don't want to be here. You were sick and old, I think you wanted to die. I know what we meant to you, though. You loved us, too.
I have to go now Jake. Tell Grandma I said hi, and to check her Facebook. Welcome Uncle when he gets there, and Grandpa after that. Someday, we'll play again. Just like we used to play. For now, though, play with Bopsy, and Rocky, and those stupid geckos the boys had. Chase down some cats, and remember us, Jake.
Soon we'll be playing in the clouds.

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