The Crow and the Cat

April 25, 2012
By Daughter.of.Hades BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
Daughter.of.Hades BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
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This is a story about two creatures.

A man and a woman.

A bird and a beast.

A crow and a cat.

Though they were different in every way, a love was born with a glance from afar.

He spotted her a mile away from the gray sky. A beautiful creature, He thought, with sleek black fur as dark as his body. A dainty thing from his view, with delicate feet and round eyes as yellow as the moon. He must meet with her, determined at his decision.

She sat on top of a wall washing herself when He appeared. An interesting creature, She thought, with black feathers as dark as her body. One that would provide her some amusement to pass the time. I’ll see what he wants, she smiled to herself.

He landed beside her, his wings tucked by his sides. His face tilted to observe every detail of his specimen. She lounged flat on the ground, her tail twitching in excitement. They stared at each other as if time stood still between the two. The moment ended as He introduced himself.

“Good morning,” He gave a small bow. “I couldn’t help but notice you all alone. Would you mind if I provide you company?”

“I wouldn’t,” She shrugged sitting up as He came closer.

They started out with a nice chat. A few menial subjects. The weather, the people, their love of the city until finally He came out and said his intentions.
“I wish to be your companion!” He placed a hand on his heart and told her lovingly.
She twitched her tail frowning at the unexpected confession, “Sorry, but I’m not interested.”
“Please,” He pleaded, “tell me what you wish and I will grant it!”
She thought coyly at the proposition. “Bring me a gift. Then, perhaps, I will reconsider.”
“Then a gift it will be,” He searched his pockets. He brought out a necklace. A gold chain with a garnet decorated at its center. He found it outside of a bar a few days back thinking it was a waste to let such a pretty trinket lay in the dirty streets. He placed it in front of her awaiting her praise.
She studied the object, then flicked it back towards him. She said she has no interest in silly things like that. Try again, She told him.
Doing whatever it took to please her, He snatched back the necklace to try his luck again. He searched his pockets to bring out another trinket, one He was sure She would love. It was a collar studded with sparkling rocks that He believed would emphasize her dark beauty.
Unfortunately his token of love was spurred yet again by her dissatisfaction. She does not wish to be bound by jewelry or collars of any kind. She liked being free of any accessory. Try again, She repeated to her suitor.
Desperate to earn her affection he fished his pockets for anything that would be suitable for his love. He took out bows, hairpins, coins, bottle-caps, rings, plastic. None of these pleased her. Fearing he may have to give up, he managed to pull out one item that made her gaze at him with a blazing passion. It was a fishbone. Glistening white, bits of pieces stuck to the ribcage, and the head glittered with blue, the smell of the ocean still fresh.
She licked her lips at the tasty morsel, attacking it in mere seconds. He watched her display with a smirk lighting up his face. Though She devoured it ravenously He saw her more beautiful than ever.
Once She finished her treat She cleaned her face, wiping away any pieces she may have missed. He prompted her for an answer to his confession. She stuck her nose in the air telling him that even if He showers her with all these gifts, she will not accept him.
“Then tell me,” He cried. “Tell me what I can do to earn your love. I will do anything!”
She brought her lips to a smile, “Anything you say?”
“Anything,” He repeated solidly.
Her smile grew wider, her eyes formed into slits. She crouched low.
“If you truly love me then you’ll give me the greatest gift you can only bestow once.”
Immediately sensing the danger, he quickly raised his wings lifting himself in the air! His actions stopped her in mid-pounce. She watched him playfully, stretching her paw in an attempt to reach him. He gave her a sad smile.
“I love you. I truly do. Unfortunately my dear, this is a gift I can’t give that I value too much,” He said to her. “I will keep loving you, even if it has to be from afar.”
And so, they both went their separate ways. Occasionally, their paths cross in the city they roam. Yet they keep their distance from one another. Neither forgetting each other and the one moment they spent together. Although it is from a distance, and even with different values for the other, the love remains.
Thus concludes the story of the Crow and the Cat.

The author's comments:
A short fable I came up with awhile ago. I thought since crows and black cats are similar in supernatural societies why not see a spark between the two? It also displays the coyness of a woman's role and persistence of a man's role.

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