Horror #18

January 23, 2008
By Sarıkız Mahmutkızı, Keçiboynuzu, ZZ

The dance hall seemed huge with the hypnotizing black and white pattern on the floor and the ceiling. Brian turned to Betty. “Join the dance, pretty girl. We don’t have female beasts as beautiful as you in here,” he laughed. Betty, somehow zealous to start the dance, stood up; however her injured leg refused to carry her and down she fell. She was aggravated by this injury now. She began to punch the floor agitatedly but Brian was clutching her leg. She was alarmed. She shouted in distress. Brian, smiling touched the part of her leg which hurt and made Betty scream in pain. He said, “Okay poor girl. You should be alright now.” and let go of her. Betty stood up. Brian was right; her leg didn’t hurt at all. She thanked the gentle werewolf.
After five minutes, a great number of beasts were in the hall. Brian approached the centre of the room and started his speech.
“Oh beloved beasts, tonight, we have collaborated here to do the Beast Dance and combine our powers to imprison the blunt, belligerent and vindictive beasts. We are the lucky ones, having the chance to challenge the killers of our friends, mates and even siblings!” The crowd roared. “Silence!” Brian continued, “We mustn’t get angry, otherwise, there won’t be any difference between them and us. It’s time to get spirited and dynamic! Tonight… we dance!” This young lady is a beginner, and if there are other beginners eager to learn the dance with her, I’ll appreciate it. A boy squeaked, “There is a boy which is a peer of her.” The crowd split to reveal a man and a boy, a familiar one… Jetty!

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