Fairies - Prelude

February 9, 2008
By Hannah Cruze, P.o. Box 217, OH

Ring around the rosy,
A pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down

As the moon shone outside, Julia woke up inside……

It began with the soft humming of quiet voices. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my own face, let alone make out what the voices were trying to tell me. As I sit in a bright room with white padding covering all the walls and the floor, I try to hide in the shadows of the only darkness around me. My legs are curled up and I’m hugging them against my chest. I can feel my heart beat grow stronger. When I look down I can see that I have no more than my own hands to cover my naked body. I can start to see things more clearly and hear things better also. I don’t move an inch out of the spot that I woke up in.
Little fairies begin to dance around me in circles, climbing the walls as if there was no gravity to stop them. They look a little smaller than a foot tall. Some of them have wings of a butterfly and are as beautiful as the rain. Then there are the ones that have vines for arms and leaves as their hands. But they all had a mischievous grin on their faces.
There was this one particular faerie that seemed to catch my eye. She was a little shorter than the rest of them all. With violet colored skin and jet black hair that came down to her small dancing feet. She had long jagged fingernails that seemed to be naturally painted a deep blood red. She reminds me of the pictures that I once drew.
I use to draw these pictures of this one faerie; she looked exactly like the one dancing in front of me. Except for the fact that the one in front of me was real, or at least I thought she was.
I use to have these dreams of this one beautiful faerie. I would be lying down in the grass under a big willow tree, with nothing but the moon and the stars to keep me company. I’d see her in the sky, and she would gradually come to life the closer she came toward me. She’d take my hand and carry me off into the night sky as we flew over the ground beneath us. She looked so amazing. Whenever I woke up, I would hurry to my sketch pad and start to draw, so I could remember every little detail possible about her. I had these dreams so often that I decided to give her a name. I named her Alyssa. But that was almost a year ago, before my daughter was born.

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Holly said...
on Nov. 19 2011 at 11:14 pm
This is great! It's beautifully written and provokes one's emotions.

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