February 8, 2008
By Katie Bailey, Castroville, TX

"Amanda, wake up! We need to go shopping before every awesome peice of clothing is gone," said Megan.
"Ugh... Who's idea was this again?" mumbled Amanda, trying to fall back asleep.
"Your's because even though you have a boyfriend already, you wanted to look 'smokin' hot' for for the Senior Winter Ball at school."
Amanda's eyes burst open, remembering why she wanted to get up early. At Dillard's, there was the perfect formal dress for the Ball and she wanted it so badly because she wanted to impress her boyfriend, Dylan.
"Okay," said Amanda jumping out of bed, "let me take a quick shower and i'll get ready as fast as I can. What time is it?"
"Eight," laughed Megan, "The mall just opened. I've been ready for a galf hour, so take your time, I won't be in the way."
"Okay, thanks," said Amanda running into the bathroom.
Megan laughed again: she knew that it would be at least another hour before they left for the mall. Amanda is always late for school because she wakes up late and takes two hours to get ready.
To save some time Magan looked through her best friends closet to find an outfit for Amanda. She also got Amanda's makeup out for her so it wouldn't waste ten minutes trying to find the right eyeliner.
Forty-five minutes later, Amanda walked out of the bathroom with just her robe on.
"At least you blow-dried your hair. I thought you would walk out soaking wet!" laughed Megan.
Amanda laughed too, "I know but I am trying to get ready in a hurry. What should I wear?"
"I chose three outfits for you while you were in the shower. Which one do you like?"
"All of them but I lide this one the best," Amanda said pointing to the dark boot cut blue jeans and a purple laced tank top with a balck jacket with stars
"I thought you might, that's why I also got your makeup out."
"Thanks, you're a doll."
"I know." Megan sighed, plopping on the bed, then started laughing at her own conceit.

They arrived at the mall at nine thirty. As the two best friends got out of the car Amanda asked Megan, "So what kind of dress did you want to get?"
Megan blushed then laughed, "A butt ugly one!"
Amanda laughed, "No seriously, what dress are you going to get?"
"Well... I wanted to get a really nice one, one that will make Mitch notice me."
"Please, he basically loves you already."
Mitch was Megan's ex-boyfriend. Megan still really liked him and Mitch still would do anything for her, but they weren't toghether for some reason.
"I know but I just wanted to look amazing for him."
"Okay, whatever. So I'll help you find a dress and shoes while you do the same for me, yes?"
"Yes." Megan laughed-
-Right into Mitch.
"OH hey Mitch! Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." Megan laughed without any signs of embarresment.
Mitch on the other hand, was as red as a tomatoe, if not redder.
"It's okay," Mitch stammered, looking at the ground. "Well I've got to go. Can I call you later Megan?"
"Of course! You don't even have to ask!" Megan joked.
"Okay, well bye Megan. Bye Amanda."
"Bye!" The girls said in unison.
As Mitch walked away, Megan was smiling as if she had won something.
"Yay! I got to see him six days this week!"
"Megan, you sound obsessive."
"I do, don't I? Oh well!" Megan said skipping to the door of the mall.
"Maybe he's going to ask you to the ball tonight?" Amanda inferred.
"So are you ready to try on a whole bunch of dresses?"
"You know it!" Megan laughed again. "It won't kill me though, right?"
"It might." Amanda laughed.
"Oh well, Mitch is worth it."
"You're so lame."
Megan laughed.

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