The Lake

February 8, 2008
By Kristen Jones, Castroville, TX

Her pale blond hair shines vibrantly in the full moon’s light as she watches the lake, smooth, calm, still. All resides to quietness on this summer’s night, save for the soft whooshing of her normal breathing. The sandy bank on which she sits on feels soft to the touch, leaving small imprints of anything and everything that sits upon its surface.
The name bestowed upon her at birth Jeniffer Carson, a plain, innocent name. No one would ever guess that she felt so sad, so tortured, that she found herself wanting to end the sad life she lived. To her, life ended up in being to hard of a challenge in order for it to be livable. Though, most had found that statement disagreeable and continued with their happy little lives, and, without even hearing a second opinion, forgot the topic completely. Only, too much was expected from Jeniffer, and she couldn’t complete the tasks set for her to carry out. Hence, she finally thought of an idea, leaving her mind saying:
“Go to the place where you’ll not be found, and just end it all.”
Jeniffer agreed and ventured down to the lake, where she now sits, thoughtful as she contemplates her decision to wear a special outfit for the special occasion. The silk, red, rippled dress she wears is designed exquisitely. The dress reminds her of the only happy day she remembers, her last birthday, when she assumed to be loved and cherished by everyone. The small red sparkles on the dress shimmer dazzlingly in the shining moonlight. A delicate, diamond, heart-shaped pendant hangs from a small, silver chain around her neck. The necklace sparkles dully in the light, unlike her green eyes, which are filled with life. Her silver stilettos, with the red ribbon holding them in place, elegantly slenders her legs.
Jeniffer sighs innocently and slips out of the delicate, yet deadly, slippers, and sets them beside her. She dips her feet into the water of the lake, cool against her warm skin. She sighs once more in resignation, knowing her mind is made up. Nonetheless, she feels no remorse for what is to come.
Ever so silently, Jeniffer climbs to her feet. A slight breeze tickles her neck, causing her to shudder slightly. She walks slowly, calmly, into the water waiting in front of her, as if trying to withhold the peace of the moment.
Knee deep in the water, Jeniffer stops. She tilts her head beck to where she can see the moon. The off-white orb sits lonely in the empty sky, watching Jeniffer as she gazes at it, unblinking. After a few minutes, she manages to tear away the bond they made, and continues on, wading further on into the giant pool as silently as possible. The only sounds are that of a few water droplets hitting the water lamely.
The water rises slowly, starting from her knees…rising to her stomach, her chest, her neck. The cool water causes her to makes her shiver, causing the water to ripple away from her body.
Jeniffer extends her arms in front of her to swim to the heart of the lake. Her breathing keeps rhythm as she pumps her legs to move. Breathe out, stroke, kick…Breathe in, stroke, kick…Sooner than she thought, Jeniffer reaches the middle of the lake; the deepest part. Her blond hair is plastered to the base of her slender neck. She can already feel her silk dress getting heavy, dragging her under.
Jeniffer closes her eyes and breathes in the fresh air, waiting for the nature of the water to take her under.
“If only this could have been prevented,” she considered sadly. "Oh well, too bad,"she thinks, quickly disregarding any second thoughts she came up with.
Finally, the water reaches her nose and she swims downward so she will never reach the surface again.
Thump...Thump...Thump...Jeniffer's heartbeat becomes trappeed in her ears. There is no sound under the water, it's dark, there is no movement. The quietness becomes eerie, as a few bubbles escape from her mouth.
Thump-thump...Thump-thump...Thump-thump...Her heart speeds up, blood racing through the tunnels of her veins which feel as if they will explode.
"Just a little longer," Jeniffer thinks. "A few more moments and the pain will all be over. Then I will be free." Her lungs are on fire, screaming in agony, in pain.
Jeniffer releases the captive air within her lungs, gulping in water in the process of doing so. She starts thrashing, disturbing the water surrounding her, trying to restrain herself from swimming to the surface. Her eyes burn as she keeps them forced open in the salt water.
She lets out a silent, air-filled scream, unable to bear the pressure any longer. Water rushes into her lungs quickly, choking her, smothering her life's essence. She swallows another mouthful of salt water which scrapes her throat roughly.
"Don't panic, Jeniffer," she tells herself, though she's already become frantic. The bubbles escaping from her mouth and nose cease to continue, releasing nothing more.
Thud...Thud...Her twitching fingers become still, her eyelids drooping as her eyes glaze over. The girl's body becomes still, her heart frozen as she drifts down into the dark abyss

Jeniffer walks through the endless corridors, wondering where she is. All of the doors in the hall are either locked, or aren't meant to be open. After a few yards, Jeniffer stops, staring at a sort of shimmering essence only a few feet in front of her. The alien object takes form to reveal a very handsome man.
His hair is coal black as well as his eyes. His body has a tough build, his muscles flexing as he walks up to her slowly.
"Hello, Jeniffer," he says calmly. "You realize that, you didn't escape just came into the devil's garden. And I welcome you warmly."

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