The Beach

February 8, 2008
By Cassidy Sargent, Castroville, TX

We were going to the beach me and my five friends. One of my friends Sara who is really rich owns a really nice yaht. My five friends were Sara, Kristen, Joe, Mikey, and Jay.
We were in Sara's brand new mercedes SUV on our way there. We just arrived and we all piled in Sara's huge beach house' amazed by its beauty. that night we planed on going and getting something to eat. We ended up going to some really good seafood resteraunt. After we ate we headed back to the beach house.
That morning we woke up and went over to the docks. "What kind of boat is it," Jay asked. "It's a huge yacht," she said! So, we all piled on the boat in a single file line. "Wow, it's beautiful!" I said. "Yep, its one of a kind!" Sara said so everyone could hear her. "I'm so excited I can't wait" Kristen exclaimed. So we got on the boat and got settled down. Sara called mr. Bob the guy in charge of driving the yacht. About five minutes later the guy driving the boat showed up. He started the yacht and we started to head out.
"Can wego fishing now?" the three guys asked in unison. "Yes in just a minute," Sara said. She went up to the control room to tell Mr. Bob to look on the underwater radar to find a decent place to fish. Sara came back down in theliving room area and we turned on some funky music and started dancing just to waste time until we found a place to fish. The boat kind of came to a jerky stop and we all fellto the floor. "Hold on, let me go see if this is where we are going to stop to fish,"Sara said. "OKay", we all said together. So Sara went upstairs to ask. She was up there for a while so we were kind of concerned. About fifteen minutes later she came down with a screwed up expression on her face. "There's something wrong with the engine!"
"Are you serious; what's wrong? Can Mr. Bob fix it?" Mr. Bob is screaming and yelling all at once. The engine exploded and there is a hole in the bottom of the boat. It's slowly starting to sink. Everyone paniced and ran for a life vest and Mr. Bob was in the control room trying to contact someone, but no one was there. The boat was sinking already half-way under, so four of us were in one boat and three in the other. We just sat there watching it sink as we are stranded in the middle of the ocean. No one said anything we just sat there in silence just looking out at the ocean.
All of a sudden we all saw something in the distance. "What is that?" Mikey said looking, around at all of us. It was getting closer and closer every second we were starting to float off towards something that looked like land. We started swimming toward the land as sfast as we could. We were very close, now about a mile and a half away. We all stopped to rest for a minute when something nudged the bottom of our boat.
It was a shark...we were shark bait.

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This article has 2 comments.

OrwellRulz said...
on Dec. 5 2008 at 12:39 pm
Why is this called "The Beach?" Awesome piece aside from the title.

Debaser said...
on Dec. 5 2008 at 12:31 pm
Mr. Bob is the man.

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