The House on the Open Land

February 8, 2008
By Lauren Wolfe, Roslyn, NY

One lovely day in October of 1987, my best friend Suzie and I decided to take a walk. I lived near a farm with no animals, just land. We both decided to take the car out and explore. We ate supper and then went out an hour before sunset.

After twenty minutes of walking, we found a stranded house with no car or way of transportation around it. It looked like no one had been living there for ages. It also looked old and like it was about to collapse. We tried to open all entry ways but all the windows and doors were covered with wood. We decided we should come back the next day and see if there were any holes in the wood we could get through. It was getting dark so we started to walk back

The next day, we went back to the house at around twelve at noon. I took a flashlight we me just in case. We got to the house and we looked around.

“Hey Rob, I found an entrance way.” Suzie said, “I’m over in the back.”

I sprinted over to the back of the house and there was a small entrance way where the ground and the floor of the house met. Suzie went in first and then I went. Walking through, there was a maze of spider webs. At the same time, we stood up. It was dark but there was light shining through some of the cracks in the wood. We looked around and found nothing interesting. I was leaning against a wall, I fell back and realized it was a door. That door leads to the basement. We walked downstairs and there was plastic hanging from the ceiling. We walked through the plastic and what we saw was the most unpleasant thing we’ve ever seen. There were pigs and cows hanging from the ceiling with their bodies were cut open! That’s why there are no more animals on the farm! We sprinted upstairs to the exit where we first entered. The exit had been sealed! Suzie and I looked at each other and stared. All of a sudden, we heard a scratching sound. We looked over to our left but nothing was there. We looked back to the right and there was a man with a mask on and he hit us both across the face with a shovel. Everything went black...

Later that day, Suzie woke up with a huge bruise on her face. She tried to wake me up but she said it took a couple of minutes. I had a similar bruise in the same spot on my head too! We looked around and we were trapped in a room with no exits or food. How this guy put us here, I don’t know. We started fighting with each other and Suzie got so mad she knocked me down. The flashlight that I took from home suddenly rolled out of my pocket. We glanced at each other and were happy. I started hitting the side of the room with my flashlight so I can rip a piece of wood off. After fifteen minutes, I finally got the piece of wood out. This led to another room. We both crawled through and we started looking for a way to get out. Then, we heard the killer scream. He probably realized we had escaped! The flashlight wouldn’t help us get out in time so we had to look around the house to see if there was anything we can use. Near the entrance, I found a shovel. Suzie then had a brilliant idea…

“HERE I AM” Suzie shouted! “COME AND GET ME!”

The killer charged the room and right before he got Suzie, I came from behind the door and slammed him with the shovel. He was still lying on the floor unconscious so I started sticking the shovel into him. Lastly, I slammed it into his heart and he then died.

Suzie and I now took the flashlight and shovel and dug through the wall. We successfully escaped.

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