Forest of Dreams

February 7, 2008
By Taylor Wilson, Byron, CA

She was on top of the world, she got everything she wanted. She even lived in a far away kingdom. This girl was named Isabella; she was a princess of Great Britain. Isabella is a beautiful sixteen year old girl with brown hair and light blue eyes. You couldn’t help but stare, she was also very intelligent. It was the beginning of summer and Isabella didn’t realize how special she actual was.
One day, Isabella decided to take a walk, so she went and told her parents and she was gone. On the way there she ran into some friends.
Isabella said”Hi”
Her friends asked, “What she was doing?”
Isabella answered, “She was taking a walk.”
They asked her if she wanted to hang out. Isabella said no and continued on not knowing where she was going to go. She started to approach something it looks like an animal but it wasn’t as she drew closer. Once she reached the object she didn’t know what it was, then she picked it up there was a brick cube with writing on it. She read the writing aloud, all of a sudden she was in a forest in the middle of nowhere. Isabella was scared out of her life but she continued on.
She mumbled to herself “what did I do.”
She held the cube In her hand trying to read the chant backwards maybe thinking it would sent her home but it didn’t. Isabella began to cry and fell down to the ground. She suddenly she heard this noise, it sounded as if there were someone in the bushes.
Isabella screeched “hello.”
She heard a scream that yelled “help.”
Isabella ran through the bushes looking for help, but she wasn’t able to find anyone. All of a sudden she heard it again, she approached slowly and found this little owl sitting there, Isabella couldn’t believe it she was shocked.
The owl said”Hi.”
Isabella said “Hi back and how?”
The owl whispered “I’m under the witches spell and at midnight if I don’t find true love I’m an owl forever.”
Isabella was shocked but very teary-eyed from his story. She believed the owl and was willing to do anything to help him.
She picked the owl up and asked “Where did the witch live.”
The owl replied “In a little brick house about two miles away from here.”
They began to walk, Isabella had no clue where she what she was going to do. As she approached the witches’ house she became even more nervous. But what she didn’t expect was that something amazing was going to happen to Isabella. She saw this very ugly witch named Agatha with this green face and horrible ugly black dress and boots, with gray hair and evil eyes. The witch saw Isabella and the witch and smiled, running outside. Isabella put her hands up trying to defend herself and this magnetic force field went up protecting her and the owl, the witch couldn’t get by. Isabella had these amazing powers.
Agatha yelled “I’ll get you my children.”
Isabella screamed “No you won’t.”
Agatha screamed “oh yes I will.”
She came charging at Isabella and broke the force field, that’s when Isabella also had the power to freeze and was able to escape. Hiding in the bushes she started talking to the owl asking him how to stop the evil little witch.
“To stop her you need to find me true love so I can break the spell “, the owl replied.
Isabella then asked him if he had anyone he loved before he turned to an owl. He said no. She then thought of a plan that might work, she told the owl. He agreed to it and before you knew it Isabella kissed the owl, there was standing a handsome young man that Isabella drooled over. They set off to find Agatha, she was shocked to see him as a human. Isabella froze her and put up her force field to save them. They recited a chant and Agatha the witch vanished in thin air. Isabella had the cube and a gorgeous young teenager by her side. She was happy as ever, he went home with Isabella as she read the cube aloud. From then on They fought evil together.

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