Blooper 1

February 7, 2008
By Morning Star Lazic, Cambridge, MA

Scene 1- Takes 5&6- Title: Cosplay?
~Jack is in his room holding up a girl’s uniform. Jon and Mary are observing Jon, while conversing.~
MARY: ~stage whisper~ Jon, what is your brother doing with a girl’s uniform?
JON: umm…-
MARY: I mean, I could understand if it was cosplay, or he liked to cross-dress, but…
JON: umm…-
MARY: Honestly! The havoc he could be wreaking! The utter abnormality, the perve-
JON: It’s not his-
LILY: ~steps into room~ It’s mine.
MARY: And who are you?
JON: Jack’s girlf-
JACK: ~yells~ Lily you here? Cause you left these in my room… ~holds up girl’s uniform and pair of undies that had been hidden from view by the uniform~
MARY: Yuck. I did not need the mental image that was just given to me.
DIRECTOR: Timeout! Actor playing Jack! Remember your lines! Its rainbow undies, not just undies.
JACK: ~moans~ Does it really matter.
DIRECTOR: Yes! It does! The heartfelt emotion when being perverse, the feeling you get when saying undies, the sweat virtually felt while running into the sunset in your imagination, no matter what, they all matter in acting! Show your emotion people! Young actors! It is the springtime of youth! Take 6!
MARY: I really definitely did not need that mental image. ~sigh~ Prepare for nightmares for a week.
DIRECTOR: Yes! Like that! The nightmares caused by the mental image that Jack gave all show through that last sentence!
MARY: …I meant the mental images caused by you.

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