A Pirate in His Day

February 6, 2008
By arielle black, Woburn, MA

He was definitely a pirate in his day. The jewelry he still wears was stolen and given to him with the trade of golden galleons. His scarred face and wrinkly skin were the result of sailing a large ship in deadly wind and rain storms. No doubt the weak leg he limps on is a wooden peg that needs repairing...

Leo, or in this case, Captain Leo, was in no mood. A storm was coming that wasn’t needed. He was just on his way to the Black Sea where there was sure to be ships and ships filled with gold and treasures. But no, Mother Nature was not on his side today.

His crew sat behind him, terrified that he would throw them overboard if they asked to go back like poor little Jack did earlier. He didn’t even have the time to scream as his soon to be lifeless body plunged towards the dark, cold waters.

“Are ye just gunna stand there you bunch of oafs?!” Leo suddenly screamed, turning around in a split second. The “oafs” quickly stumbled over their non-functioning limbs and began adjusting the sails.

Some time passed, and the storm seemed to be letting go. The last few droplets of rain fell on Captain Leo’s face, and his attitude weakened slowly. As long as many golden galleons were waiting for his presence in the Black Sea, he would remain a happy old pirate. Any change of plans, and his crew would probably want to jump off the ship before he gets to them.

Two hours later land was visible just miles away. There was one ship in sight, an old, black massive one that seemed to be unoccupied at the moment. As Leo and his crew approached it, excitement and nervous bugs swelled up in their throats. They hovered overboard as if mesmerized, as if they’ve never seen another ship before.

Leo opened his mouth to scream the command to drop the anchor when all of a sudden a round black boulder came flying in their direction. It landed in the water inches away from his ship, when another one quickly followed, and after that, another. After four boulders missed, one eventually was bound to hit Leo and his crew. Well, it did. A boulder that seemed bigger than the rest flew out of the air and landed smack into Leo and his crew, knocking them down like bowling pins. Strike!

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