The Schizophrenic Nixons Interview

February 6, 2008
By Jayson Barrand, Fort Wayne, IN

CS: Hey holmes, what's good. This is Chip Sendip, young intern at Rolling Stones Magazine, and I'm here with the nation's next great thing since Hereos came on the air, SCHIZOPHRENIC NIXONS!!!! I'm sitting here, at Checkerz Bar and Grille located in their hometown of Fort Wayne, IN with vocals/lead gutarist President Barrand, gutarist Vice Principle Reeds, Bassist Mr. Lone, and drummer Secretary of Offence Murdoc.

PB: Hey, what's good?

CS: Pretty good bud, so I gotta ask....what's it like being the coolest band ever?!

ML: We don't know, we'll let you know when we get there.

VPR: In like, 20 years...

(Group laughs)

CS: So you don't think you're the best band ever (coughyesyouarecough)

SOOM: No, we're not saying we suck....we just think it's pretty hard to compare to Rock greats such as Metallica, Killswitch Engage....bands like them which gave our influence.

CS: So how did you guys come together?

PB: It was about 6 years go, me and Lone here were sitting in our high school cafeteria, playing games from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"....nerdy right? Anyway, we're doing Superheroes, and my old buddy, darn I can't remember his name....he's Captain Schizophrenic but he had no idea what it I explained it to him, pretending to be President Richard Nixon, since i just learned about it in History and I said, "Hey, that sounds like a heck of band." That night, I came up with the names of the members, half the songs to our first album, but that summer, 2 of who were supposed to the original members moved. Me and Lone here, still held the idea, but never really pursued it until we (grabs Lone in a headlock, laughs) went on to college at Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne and there we met Murdoc and this guy named Jones. We pitched our idea to them and said "Hey, why the heck not?"

CS: Ah, yes Emperor Jones, your former guitarist....

VPR: One of the best!

ML: Yeah, Jones was a good man. He actually paid off my due in recording our first, and number one hit.

CS: Refresh me, which one was that?

ML: "We're Not Crooks" (hums the opening bass notes), hard to believe a song like that went no#2 in the charts after 3 months....when we recieved our first platenum record for our first CD "Watergate 90201", We had a huge blowout at the recording studio....Jones was THE party animal....he went a little overboard...(looks to Barrand)

PB: My dad, brought this old bottle of Cabo Wabo, for us to celebrate....Jones did like'd think that be enough....then he got to the Jose Cuervo....I like to have some drinks, but Jones was chugging that stuff like there wasn't enough liquids in the world. That night, he crashed at my place....we needed to sleep because we were meeting some execs the next day...He wanted some Tylenol....gave it to him...went to bed. Woke up next day, came over to 'im, gave him a dutch oven (laughs) for a wake-up call....he didn't even stir....shook his shoulder....called the ambulence...Died about 3 am in the morning....same way as Hendrix, asphyxation. Lovely service.....8 months later....sitting in class with to talking....turns out he needed a gig, and I needed help in my Chem/Physics class. Few years later, The Bad Times was released.

CS: A little Behind The Music Moment?

VPR: A little, but the rest is history.

CS: So can you give us a little album-ology?

SOOM: "Watergate 90210" 2008, "The Bad Times and The Worse Ones" 2011,

CS: and now here in 2016, you're celbrating your new hit album "The Emperor Lives"

PB: It's actually not anything new, just pretty much bonus songs we recorded during our early days with Jones that we never put up because we weren't sure, but the release date is also the 3rd anniversery of Jones' death.

(Group all holds a beer)

PB: To Jones...

Group: To Jones....

(We all take a drink)

CS: Well, thanks for hanging with me guys.

ML: Thanks man, for listening.

CS: Any final sign-outs before my pen runs out of ink?

PB: Maggots and minions....hahahahaha, just kidding, seriously....all our listeners, take it easy, keep on rocking, and look out for our new album "The Emperor Lives" Aug. 4th, 2016.

[End Of Interview]

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