April 13, 2012
By Kurtis SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
Kurtis SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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The people call in tell the person what they want. Then they yell to the back then they walk over to this rack grab some pre made crust. Then they take the wrapper off of the pizza and put it on the counter then they look at the ticket to see what to put on. Peperoni, cheese lots of that, green peppers greener than the grass. The person puts me in this hot oven that is hot like the middle of the summer. Then it takes about 20 minutes to get it to cook. Then the pull me out pop me in a box. Then the put in this car the car rumbles like a truck even though it is kind of tiny. Then they drop me off at someone’s house. They eat me for their dinner.

Then the people feed the rest to their dogs or even their rats that they might have. Then I am not alive I am just in someone’s stomach. Waiting there for their digestive system to digest me. Then I will I will not be pizza anymore I will be smashed like a little bug upon the floor.

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