The Internal Demise

February 5, 2008
By Tyler Lizaola, Visalia, CA

Crash! I was quickly woken up by the earsplitting sound of lightning slightly ahead of me. As humanity was slowly coming back to me I took a breath and was puzzled. I slowly began to look around this gloomy and murky place I was in, this place of terror and darkness. There was yet some light which calmed me down a bit. I was too concentrated by the explosion of the lightning that I had not yet asked myself the question, “Where am I?” With out a second to waste I wondrously studied the hideous shadowy room. The walls were aged and grim but yet firm enough to keep a man trapped. I couldn’t get out with out help and that was a fact. The room was like a petrifying dungeon, but it seemed like the roof had fallen down many decades ago. Even though the roof was gone, the walls were far too tall for me to ascend upon. I heard a faint clattering going on behind me and began to shiver. As I vigilantly turned I was relieved at the sight of filthy rats crawling far and wide gnawing at the decaying flesh of what once were human beings. Off to the side of those disgusting varmints was a shining object. I carefully made myself to it and soon found it was nothing of that but a small knife. I looked up, it was night and the weather was having a furious blunder. There were many questions to be solved, not soon, not later, but now.

My mind needed to be at its best to unravel this mystery. I tried, tried with all my might to think of were I last was. As hard as I tried my brain could only scatter a few images of a massive crimson sports car, a young boy, and then it went blank. I hated the fact my mind was being useless. I became enraged and yelled loud enough so that the heavens above could hear me. I was about to furiously blow when suddenly it all came to me like a giant wave at the beach roaring upon me. I had a faint memory of driving my neighbor’s 7-year-old son home from his soccer practice. He was quite the friend of my daughter who was about the same age. We were having a fascinating conversation when BAM! I believe the massive explosion was that of a car crash. I immediately fainted from the violent blow, but that still doesn’t explain how I got into the situation I’m in.

As I was deeply pondering away in my mind yet another brutal strike of thrashing thunder brought me back into reality. But it not only did that, the loud shudder aloud me to see something I hadn’t noticed before. High above in the left corner was a video camera. I studied it like a madman would his victim. I was astonished to find out that it was not a video camera, but a camera with a photograph of some sort on it. I looked at it closely, oh so closely. When my eyes caught sight of the picture my blood froze as if an unforgiving hailstorm had just crashed upon my soft skin. It was a picture of my daughter…dead. I yelled with rage and dread and destroyed everything in sight. Madness was corrupting my mind, with out her I was nothing. My wife passed away 3 months ago and now this. I screamed, “Why me? Why this why, why this way?” It wasn’t only the fact the she died that was killing me inside; it was also because I couldn’t do anything to stop this horrible outcome. I for hours I stomped and ripped until I had no fight left in me. I harshly feel down and took a deep breath. My hand instantly became cold. I hastily lifted my hand and there it was, the knife. Oh yes, the knife, that precious evil thing. It would end my suffering, it would end my pain. I stood and picked it up as if it were as valuable as gold itself. I flung the demon sharp edged knife into the air and plunged it into my suffering flesh.

As I fell to my knees I heard a loud “NOOO!” Far to the right side of me was my daughter alive! She swiftly ran up to me and busted out crying. Her tears were falling down at the speed of waterfalls. I cried, “How is this possible? You’re dead.” She yelled, “No dad of course not. I was outside the whole time. The picture is a fake, nothing but that. I just couldn’t tell you.” Why couldn’t you…tell…me?” I coughed. It was getting harder to speak, my blood vessels were weakening. “Ha-ha,” I heard in the distant corner. I said in a fuming voice “Who’s there?” There on the corner wall was a man sitting passionately. But it was not just a man, it was a very close person to me in my life, it was none other then my neighbor. He did it, he planed this whole thing. “You Monster,” I yelped “why would you do such a thing?” My health was getting unbearably worse. “It’s really simple actually,” he calmly whispered “my son is no longer living because of you.” I shouted back “So you try to kill me for revenge?” He smiled with an evil look on his face and said, “Ah, if I recall correctly, it wasn’t me who killed you. All that I did was shut your daughter’s big mouth.” My eyes turned dark black for he was right. Yet it was I who had the knife in their hand. My eyes began to water with guilt. All of this was my entire fault and I deserved to die. Even in all of this sorrow I hastily told my daughter I loved her. As I was taking my last few breaths on this planet I thought to myself, “It was the perfect murder. He killed me with out even laying a finger on me.” Then and there I took my last breath and harshly fell on to the filthy ridged floor.

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