Is it the End?

January 25, 2008
By Melissa Snyder, Yelm, WA

Is it the end, or just the beginning? I think about that question every day of my life. Everyday I take a chance. A chance for a beginning or maybe an ending. I never thought the world would come to this. This is something you haven probably haven’t experienced and never will. The end of the world. Or maybe just the begging of another.

You see, I don’t remember when ‘they’ took over our world, and made it theirs. They destroyed the earth, or what it used to be. I have only heard tales about them. I was quite young when they arrived, probably five or so. That was ten years ago. Now I don’t even know the feeling of happiness. We live in fear. Fear of…fear itself it seems. Am I destined to live in darkness forever? I try to grasp on the hope of happiness. That’s what I live for, that’s how I live. It would be a dream come true if I died though. Everyday is long and boring. Everyday is the same. We eat the little we have. We drink the little we have. Then, we sleep. That’s all we do. I don’t even know what I look like. I assume that I look a normal fifteen year old, but what does that look like? I don’t know. I don’t know because I don’t know what the light looks like. We have no electricity, none what so ever. Why can’t I just die? Why can’t the world just end?

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