At World's End

January 25, 2008
By Melissa Snyder, Yelm, WA

Is it possible for time to stop? is it really? That’s what if feels like when the world ends. When everything deteriorates, when everything just wears away. when there is nothing more to anything, but a few seconds you have to yourself. The thing is, your life never flashes before your eyes. Nope, there's no magical screen that portrays your life. But you do realize how many things you've taken for granted. How you want to tell another how you really felt. How that you never said that you love them, but you really do. How if only you didn't make that one mistake things would have turned out different. How if you weren't so selfish maybe you wouldn't have lost a friend. Many things occur to you. Everything becomes suddenly crystal clear. You have but three seconds until there is nothing left. Nothing is now life, Nothing is death. Nothing is nothing, that’s what there is to everything. You realize life is most wonderful thing. Every moment is different... weather its an amazingly happy moment, or a depressing one. When you look back on it now your even thankful for the depressing moments because there were still moments in all. You still felt the feelings you were meant to feel. When the world ends that’s what happens, every little thing that has ever happened to you and every little feeling you ever felt .... it all becomes clear. Then Nothing.

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