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January 25, 2008
By Melissa Snyder, Yelm, WA

Chocolate chip cookie.
A pack of winter fresh gum.
A plastic spoon.

I’ve been plotting to take over the world for quite a while now. Plotting from a tiny prison cell. I’m not even sure why I’m still here, or why I was here in the first place. Some of the guards have mentioned I lost my mind and memory a long time ago, but that can’t be the truth. How could I remember that my life mission is to control the world, if I have lost my memory?
So I sit here in a cold stone prison cell, plotting. I have but these simple items to do it. A chocolate chip cookie, a pack or winter fresh gun, and a plastic spoon.
My plan of attack is not as simple as the items that will assist me. With my Pack of winter fresh gum I will construct a life size duplicate of myself, so the guards won’t suspect anything. I have already begun to chew away. Meanwhile, I will dig a hole with my plastic spoon to escape. You may wonder what I will do with the Chocolate chip cookie, but I will not tell you. You could try to stop me, but there is no way you could succeed. One day when are all under my control you will realize how amazing I am.

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