The Rachael Roy Files

January 25, 2008
By Brittany Haynes, St. Robert, MO

Rachael Roy is a 18 year old girl. Rachael has a twin sister named Hiyono Roy. When Hiyono and Rachael were 7 years old their father was diagnosed with cancer. When Rachael and Hiyono turned 16 their father died in the hospital because he had a severe heart attack. After about 2 years Rachael’s mom remarried to a lawyer named Tevin. Hiyono and Rachael have always known that Tevin wasn’t their father but he was like a father to them.

Rick Griffin was a private eye and a detective, he had solved a lot of cases in his day. Then when Rachael turned 10 she became interested in becoming a detective when she grew up. When Rachael’s dad found out he began taking her to work with him. After about 6 months of taking her to work she was insisting on going to a crime scene even though her dad said she wasn’t ready she believed that she was. The very first crime scene was also Rachael’s first case. When Rachael and her dad got there they went to talk to the commissioner about what they knew. All the clues in that case pointed to a suicide but what they couldn’t get was how he got the bruises on his face. When you first arrive at a crime scene you think it is a murder because it appears that the person jumped out of the window. But if you are there for about 20 minutes you will begin to see that it was a homicide not a suicide.

The first thing Rachael asked her dad was if she could tag along with him so she can see how detective work could be. The first suspect is the person who was supposedly the roommate and was said to be seen leaving the apartment at about 2 pm and didn’t get back until about 5 pm which was when the police showed up. But he still could have killed him even if he was said to have been 5 miles away with his girlfriend and her parents . Next they talked to the roommates girlfriend and her parents which all they did was prove that the roommate was with them at the time of the murder. Next was the victims girlfriend, it was said that the two had an argument about whether or not the victim was cheating on her with her best friend. The girlfriend didn’t have a solid alibi because she told police that she went to Miami to get her boyfriend a make-up gift but she didn’t have a witness so she was taken to the police station for further questioning. While Rachael and her dad was on the way home they began talking about the details about the case and all throughout the talk Rachael was telling her dad that she didn’t believe that the girlfriend did it because it doesn’t seem she could have done that, so her dad asked her to explain why she thought that the girlfriend didn’t do it.

So Rachael explained that at 2 pm the roommate left with his girlfriend and went to her parents house. After that at about 3 pm the girlfriend came over and had the fight with the victim and she said that she left at about 3:30 pm and went to Miami and bought her boyfriend a present. So between 3:30 and about 4:50 pm the victim was killed. At 5 pm the police arrived and at about 5:10 pm the roommate came back home. Then Rachael’s dad interrupted her and ask her how that had anything to do with why it couldn’t be the girlfriend. Then Rachael said she was getting to that and continued her story. One reason that it couldn’t have been a suicide is because there is no glass on the victims clothing but maybe the killer changed the victims clothes so that would explain why the victim had no glass on his clothing but no I think not because the killer would have wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. So here’s what the killer did. They came to talk to the victim and I guess they had an argument and it got a little out of control and the killer picked up the nearest object and threw it at the victim and judging by the bruises on his face that is probably where he got them from. The killer then trying to let some more anger out picked up the object and continued to hit him with the object after awhile the killer realized that the victim was dead and started to panic so I guess they were dumb enough to take the body outside but nobody saw because no one was home at the time so the killer decided to make it look like a suicide so the killer jumped through the window to make it look like he jumped but the killer was wounded so they probably didn’t go to the hospital so they wouldn’t draw attention to themselves so the killer is probably at home trying to treat their wounds.

Rachael had just realized that they just got home and was pulling up in the garage. Rachael’s dad was shocked to hear that Rachael had thought this case through. Rachael then asked her dad if that seemed good enough because she believed that she didn’t do a very good job. Her dad told her that it was a good thought but without any proof there is no way to prove that it was true. Then Rachael began to think and she told her dad that there is proof. So her dad asked her to tell him what proof there was but Rachael said it had to wait until tomorrow. So Rachael’s dad said that he would wait until tomorrow. All that night Rachael thought about the case and she kept worrying that the killer would come to clean up the clues but she doubted that because the killer would do that because they were still wounded. All that night Rachael dreamed about the case and what she thought what happened.

At 4:30 am her dad woke her up and told her she needed to get dressed. That day was said that it would be hot that day so Rachael decided to were faded blue jeans with a black and a blue tank top with a light jacket just in case it gets chilly and she also wore black flip-flops. Because it was so early in the morning she decided to wear her glasses that day and she decided to bring her notebook and her most favorite pen and her purse so she has a place to put them when she wasn’t using them.

Rachael and her dad arrived at the police station at about 6 am. Rachael then went to Commissioner’s office and told him about what she thought what happened and what she believes will happen next. So at about 9:30 am Rachael, her dad and a police squad went back to the victims house and they all decided that the police officers would search the house for blood and Rachael and her dad was to search outside for the clues that Rachael was referring to yesterday. After Rachael had proved that the clues point to someone that couldn’t have possibly be the girlfriend. Rachael’s dad talked to commissioner if it was possible to stage a stakeout later that night.

At about 7:30 pm the Commissioner came to meet Rachael and her dad at the house with three other officers in tow. All the police officers went towards the back of the house so that no matter what nobody can see them. Rachael and her dad hide in the hedges that no matter what nobody could see them in it. At about 9:15pm everyone was thinking that this was a waste of time. Just as the commissioner was about to call the stakeout off headlights came up the driveway. Rachael was getting happy because it might be the killer to come and pick something up. Then the car suddenly came to a stop halfway up the driveway. A guy that looked about mid-twenties from what they could see got out. He jogged up the driveway, but the way he ran struck something in Rachael that believed that something was wrong with him. Then Rachael thought that maybe this could be the killer and she had to get the Commissioners men to arrest him. So Rachael took her dad’s walkie-talkie and began to whisper to Commissioner.


“Yes………Rachael is that you?”

“Yes Commissioner it is me. I have some thing to ask you something.”

“Yeah what do you need to ask me Rachael”

“Do you notice something odd about the way that guy is running?”

“Yeah it looks like he’s……….well I’ll be damned he’s limping like he’s injured.”

“Yeah so I think that this guy is the killer.”

“Rachael thank you I wasn’t even paying attention to that guy and his weird running.”

“Your welcome Commissioner.”

Rachael then gave her dad the walkie-talkie back just as the 3 police officers came to arrest the guy. Rachael and her dad then got out of the hedge and began brushing leaves and branches off their clothes. When Rachael was getting the last leaf off of her shirt when Commissioner came up and hugged her and began to thank her for helping. Then Commissioner went and began talking to her dad. After Commissioner was finished talking to her dad he took Rachael back to the station. Rachael decided to ask her dad if she can go watch the questioning being done. Rachael’s dad had his doubts about taking her but after a lot of convincing from Rachael he agreed.

Rachael was really happy to watch the questioning. Rachael’s dad took her to the spot where you can watch the questioning. And She saw Commissioner, the victim, and another police officer standing guard. Then the questioning began.

“So what’s your name?” Commissioner asked

“I don’t have to answer any questions until my lawyer gets here.?” The victim said

“Well sorry to burst your bubble but your lawyer called the station and told us that he cant make it cause he has another case to do. So you have to answer all our questions.”

“I don’t have to answer anything.” the victim said glaring at the commissioner.

“Well we’re going to leave you in this room to think about whether or not you want to participate or not.” Commissioner said getting up. Then him and the police officer left the room to let the victim think about his answer. A couple of seconds later commissioner came into the viewing room with Rachael and her dad.

“So what is our victim doing?” Commissioner asked getting a cup of water.

“Well he’s doing nothing really………..he’s just sitting there with his head down.”

“Daddy can I go to the bathroom?” Rachael asked.

“Yeah sure……but make sure you make it back…..and no detours or shortcuts.” Rachael’s dad said as she left the viewing room.

When she got out of the room she went straight to commissioner’s office. She looked around to make sure that nobody was looking and sure enough the hallways were clear cause it was very late at night and not a lot of people stayed late unless they were working on a case but they usually stayed in their office.

Rachael turned the handle to the door and luckily it was unlocked and she got in easy. Now she had to find the case files. Rachael turned on the light so that she could see better. Rachael thought for a second on where they could be. They might not be in the cabinet because Commissioner is working on the case currently and it wouldn’t be on his desk because he wouldn’t risk leaving the files on his desk and the door unlock in fear that someone would come in steal them. Where. Where would they be. Rachael thought. If I were commissioner were would I put the files. Rachael walked around his desk and saw that his briefcase. Rachael picked it up and put it on his desk and opened it. She sat down in Commissioners chair and began to shift through the papers in his briefcase. Rachael found a set of keys and papers that have nothing to with the case. After she got done looking through the briefcase she sat back. Rachael was getting angry because she couldn’t find the papers. Rachael looked around the room. Then she looked at the desk drawers. She bent down to open the top drawer but it was locked. She went back to the briefcase to get the keys once she found them she tried every key until she found the right key and opened the drawer she looked through the drawer and found what she was looking for. She got up and went across the room to a cabinet. I wonder if commissioner still has my camera Rachael thought as she opened the cabinet and found out that he still had her camera. She took it and closed the cabinet and went back to his desk and looked through the case file when she found something important or interesting she took a picture of it she would read it later. After she was done she put the file back in the drawer and closed it. Put the keys back in the briefcase and shut it and put it back were she found it. She went and turned off the lights and looked through the blinds that were on the window on the door. When she saw that the coast was clear she looked around to make sure that everything was as it looked when she saw that it was she left the room closing the door quietly behind her. She looked around to make sure that nobody saw her come out of commissioners office. Rachael then went across the hall to her dad’s office and grabbed her purse so she can put her camera in it.

She ran back to the viewing room. When she walked in she saw that her dad and the commissioner where laughing at something so she walked in and sat down on a chair by the double-sided glass.

“Rachael, where were you I thought you went to the bathroom?” her dad asked her.

“I did go to the bathroom, but then I went to your office to get my purse so I can take notes on how the questioning is done.” Rachael said digging in her purse and pulling out her notebook and her pen.

“Well, I’m going to go get the police officer and go back in there and talk to our victim.” Commissioner said opening the door.

Rachael and her dad turned back to the glass and saw that the victim was looking around and he looked like he was planning a escape route out of that room. That’s when the commissioner and the police officer walked into the room. The victim looked at them and began glaring at them again.

“So are you going to tell us your name, now?” Commissioner asked

“I don’t have to tell you anything I don’t have to.” the victim said looking at the ceiling.

“Listen………We can do this the easy way or the hard way…..but its all up to you to choose.”


“Are you going to tell us or not?”

“M-My names…..Troy. Troy Chapman.”

“Well, Troy. Why were you at Brandon’s house.”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know. You have to have a damn reason for being there.”

“I didn’t know the f***ing house belonged to a guy named Brandon. I was looking for my friends house.”



“What’s your friends name, Troy?”


“What’s your friends name?”

“Their name its……um……um…….Vanessa.”

“What’s Vanessa’s last name, Troy”


“So her names Vanessa Montez, Troy?”


“How old are you Troy?”


“Really……officer I want you to run a identity check on Vanessa Montez.”

“Yes, sir” the officer said as he left the room.

“So are you sure you want to play innocent or do you want to confess?”

“I told you that I didn’t do anything.”

“Of course you didn’t…..well just have to wait on the search results.”


20 minutes later

The officer that went to do the search came back with a manila folder

“Here you go boss.”

“Thanks Jackson……… lets see here”

After about a minute or two of looking at the papers, he closes it and gives it back to the officer.

“So Troy………… you want to confess or not?”

“I told I didn’t do anything….I was looking for my friends house.”

“Well according to the results there is no person in our files whose name is Vanessa Bolton. Do you want to explain that DO YOU?”

“You don’t have to yell…….I told you I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU THAT?”

“It doesn’t matter how many times you tell me. I wont believe you until I have proof.”

“Well……….I was at home because of an leg injury. I was in the hospital until this morning. Proof enough”

“That’s cant be true because we checked the hospital records for the last two days and you could have not possibly got out this morning.”

“Maybe they didn’t put me cause I got checked out around 11 a.m.”

“Then tell me why we patients on file that got checked out at all hours after that?”

“Maybe they forgot to put me in file.”

“No I don’t think they forgot they aren’t on file because you never went to the hospital.”

“No I went.”

“So what’s was your doctors’ name?”

“……………………….I don’t remember.”

“You don’t remember because you never went to the hospital and saw a doctor instead you went home to treat them yourself……Now tell me how did you hurt your leg?”

“I….hurt it…….uh…..when I fell off at ladder.”

“No you didn’t”

“You don’t know that.”

“Yes I do because further testing your blood was on the scene of the crime….Now tell me Troy why was your blood on the scene.”

In the viewing room Rachael was taking careful notes. Then she went in her purse and took the camera out and put it up to the glass and began filming the confession.

“Why don’t you just admit to the crime Troy?”

“I didn’t mean to do it, it was an accident.” Troy said giving up on claiming he was innocent.

“What was an accident. Why don’t you tell me what happened that night.”

“Well, me and Brandon have been friends for years but he started to do some stupid things like stealing and robbery whenever he left the crime he always made it so that if anybody got caught it would be me. When he did the second robbery later that night I was arrested and I didn’t know why. So when I got to the station for questioning they asked me why I robbed the bank and I kept telling them that I didn’t do it but they didn’t believe me so I was then sentenced to 3 years in prison. All that time I was thinking that Brandon had gone too far and he needed to be taught a lesson. So when I got out I was thinking about what I should do to teach him a lesson. So I spent 2 months thinking about it. Then one night I went to his house meaning to scare him I did do that but then he started talking about things that he knew would hurt me so then I got that he was drunk that night then he said something about my past with his girlfriend ,who is my ex, then I saw the trophy sitting on the shelf and I threw it at him and I went over I hit him over and over until I realized that he was dead. I wanted to make it look like a suicide. I was thinking to make it looked he stabbed himself but that wouldn’t explain the bruises so I decided to make it look like he jumped so I dragged him outside and I jump through the window which is how I hurt my leg. I really didn’t mean to kill him but you would have done the same thing if a good friend of yours robbed banks and did other crimes and blamed you for it and have to spend years in prison because of them.”

“Troy, why didn’t you just come to the police and Brandon would have been in prison for awhile.”

“I did, but they didn’t want to believe me because I have been to prison for robbery and theft.”

“But you didn’t have to kill him….even if it was an accident.”


“Why were you going to his house tonight?”

“Because I…………I………In the bushes or somewhere on the ground I dropped my bracelet and I was going to get it.”


“That was a bracelet that has been in my family for 100 years and has been passed down. When my dad was dying he gave it to me and I really means a lot to me.”

“Officer cuff this young man and send three man to search for his bracelet.”

“Wait, will I get my bracelet back.” Troy said as the officer was cuffing him.

“Yeah, you’ll get it back.”

“When?” Troy said as the officer was leading to the door.

“You should get it back tomorrow night.”

“Okay.” Troy said as the officer led him off so he can get finger printed.
In the viewing room Rachael turned off the camera and put it in her bag.

“Well Rachael what do you think about being a detective so far?” Rachael’s dad asked her

“I think that I want to be a detective even more.”

When Rachael helped solve her first case she was so happy and her dad threw her a party at the office in honor of helping find the killer. Rachael helped her dad solve dozens of cases she always had her ‘Here’s what happened’ moments and Rachael’s dad began to trust those explanations more and more. Then when Rachael turned 16 she went to the hospital because her dad had been hospitalized when he had a severe heart attack the doctors told his family that there was a 70 percwnt chance that he was going to survive. Rachael went to the hospital to talk to her dad.

“Daddy?” Rachael said opening the door a little.

“Rachael?” her dad replied weakly

“Hi daddy I came to talk to you.” Rachael said walking to sit in the chair next to the bed.

“So what do you want to talk to me about.”

“You know that I help solve cases with you sometimes.”


“Well the kids at school are making fun of me because I help out at the station and they keep calling me a suck-up and saying that I probably could get away with murder and I wont get caught because I could just get the police officers on my side so that someone else could get blamed.”

“Rachael don’t listen to what they have to say. They’re just jealous because they cant solve cases. At least you have friends who are on your side.”

“Dad, my only friends are Hiyono and Evan. Hiyono doesn’t have friends because she also helps with some cases and everyone found out.”

“I didn’t now that.”


“Rachael promise me something.”


“I want you to become the greatest detective there ever was and make me proud.”

“Of course.”

“Oh….Rachael I want you to have this.” her dad said giving her his most favorite bracelet.

“Are you sure that you want me to have it.” Rachael said taking the bracelet away from her dad.

“Yes I want there to always be something to remember me by.”

“Dad please don’t talk like that your going to make it out of this alive.” Rachael said, tears slipping out of her eyes.

“Thanks Rachael." he said as the nurse came in and told Rachael that visiting hours are over so she has to go home now.

“Bye dad I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Rachael.” As she left the room she heard a fit of coughing and the nurse calling for help. Doctors and nurses ran to the room. Rachael walked in while they were filing in. When she got there she saw that her dad’s heartbeat was beginning to slow and he was having trouble breathing. The doctors were trying there best to revive him. They were trying there best but then his heartbeat went down to 0 that’s when Rachael began to cry. Then she ran out of the room and went home. Rachael told her family that her dad died everyone was devastated about the news.

A couple of weeks after her dad died she went to the police station to talk to Commissioner.

“Commissioner can I ask you a question?”

“Of course Rachael.”

“I was wondering if I can get a job as a detective here?”

“Uh……Rachael…..aren’t you too young to be a detective.”

“Commissioner I’ve been a detective for 6 years and you didn’t seem to have a problem with it before.”

“Well Rachael that was different……Why do you want to be a detective so bad anyway.”

“Well 2 reasons. 1) I always want to be a detective and you know that. 2) Before my dad died he told me to be the greatest detective. And I thought that you could help me with that.”

“Well that changes things…..uh….I guess you can work here.”



Rachael jumped up and hugged Commissioner.

“Thank you so much Commissioner you will not regret it.”

“You can work here on one condition.”

“Which is.”

“Please called me James.”

“That’s what it was.”

“What what was.”

“Well I could never remember your name.”

“You never knew my name.”

“Well I knew your last name was Wayata.”

‘So you….never mind….you start work tomorrow.”

Rachael worked alongside Commissioner for a 2 years. Then Hiyono and Evan got jobs as detectives so they could always be together. The became known as the detective trio. Then when Hiyono turned 18 she moved to Hawaii, but she still worked for Commissioner on foreign cases. But she always had a second job. Rachael moved into a 2-bed room apartment with Evan. That’s about the same time that Rachael and Hiyono’s mom got married to Tevin. Rachael’s mom seemed to be very happy with Tevin so they had no objections and he seemed to be happy that Rachael and Hiyono were detectives.

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