My Utopian Day

January 25, 2008
By Melissa Snyder, Yelm, WA

My utopian day started out by me waking up, obviously. I had 20 hours of sleep, so I had been much rested. I woke up in a king-sized comfortable bed. The faint smell of fresh waffles was in the air. I got out of bed, and slipped on my dark blue fuzzy slippers. I headed down the stairs, leading to the appetizing smell. There was no one in the house, although it seemed as if someone had cooked me breakfast. There was a tall Carmel macchiato; I could already see little bursts of steam coming out of the white plastic lid. There was also my Mother’s home made Belgium waffles smothered in strawberries, whip cream, and maple syrup, and a small bowl of tasty looking bite sized pieces of cantaloupe. The table was set as well. I sat down and dug in. Just as I finished, the dirty dishes miraculously disappeared. No washing dishes for me today!!! I thought.

Just as I was thinking how the heck some dishes has just disappeared without a puff of smoke, I got a text. A text was a bit odd for me to get, because well, I’ve never had a texting plan in my life. But let’s get back to the story at hand; I had gotten a text from my best friend, Talia (that lives in Spokane, WA.) on my new slim red phone. It said that’s ‘she and Seana (another best friend from Spokane) would be over to my house in a few minutes’. Not even a minute later my doorbell rang. I got up, headed to the door realizing that I was now wearing my favorite outfit. I didn’t bother to think of how I had gotten it on. I opened the door to see Seana, Talia, and another friend of mine, Lauren that lives right down the street, right on my door step. I was very excited to see them. We exchanged hellos and hugs, and I closed the door behind them.

“What are we going to do?” Talia and Seana said in unison. I took a quick second to think of some things to do, but what could we possibly do? Then, I remembered I could do anything I wanted to do today, and I was going to take as much for granted as I possibly could. I told them a few ideas I had for the day.

I reopened my front door to see what could be identical to Silver wood theme park. As we walked into the place I once called my front yard a random person gave us passes. The passes gave us free reign to cut in line for rides (and the ability to laugh in people’s faces), free food and drinks. We rode several rides, such as the tilt-a-whirl, thunder canyon, and a roller coaster called timber terror until we couldn’t handle anymore. Not eating cotton candy before the rides was probably a good idea. I glanced at the time on my new cell phone and it read only 11:30 am.

We decided to go back to my house, to take a break from all that. Having fun was more tiring than it appeared. But how in the heck could we possibly get home? Before I could even think that thought through, a lime green door appeared. Where were all these things appearing from and disappearing to? Seana, Lauren, Talia and I walked over to the door and it creaked open to what seemed familiar to my house. We stepped inside just as the door slammed behind us, and it made me jump a little. The room we were now in appeared to my house’s family room. Although, my normally average sized TV was now five times bigger. I couldn’t even estimate the measurements.

“Wanna watch a movie?” I directed towards my three friends. They all answered some kind of a yes. “Sure”, “Yeah”, or Lauren’s answered “Just put the dang movie in!” I flipped the TV on with the remote, and went to ‘on Demand movies’, and was surprised to see maybe even millions of movies on the list. And all for free! We picked out the movie, I AM LEGEND. Wasn’t that still in Theatres? Well, I didn’t complain.

“Could we get some lunch?” Lauren complained, just as soon as the movie cut to the credits. Lunch didn’t sound so bad right about now.

“We should get Italian.” Seana suggested. I could tell this was an opportunity to try out this whole ultimate free will thing.

“Or we could just go to Italy…. And have lunch there…” I could see the girls’ faces perk up. I threw the remote over my shoulder, and heard glass shatter. I could deal with that later, when I wasn’t living in a perfect world. We went straight to my front door. I opened the door, and saw a personnel airport, maybe? There was a huge black jet right in front my house. Wow, they were fast on construction around here. And again, with these disappearing and reappearing things…

“Let’s go already …!” Lauren yelled, and forcefully dragged me towards to the jet black jet. Seana and Talia ran to catch up with us. We entered into the Jet, and I instantly felt like a celebrity. I was like Britney spears, but not pregnant, and didn’t elope every other week. Okay, so that was a bad example. The seats were leather, the place was air conditioned, and I couldn’t even fathom how awesome a private jet is. Just then, Lauren started freaking out, I mean really freaking out. She was barely breathing by now.

“You okay?” I asked worried, as worried went. She frantically pointed in the direction of me. I whipped around to see Harrison Ford, or rather Indiana Jones in the flesh. This was not happening!!! It was, but you get the point. All we could do that this point was run up to him, and scream. It was just what we had to do. I don’t think there was another two souls on the planet that loved Indiana Jones more than Lauren and I did. Could this day get any better?

I don’t know how it happened but we arrived in Florence, Italy in a matter of thirty minutes. I’m not exactly sure how we landed in Florence either, but you shouldn’t ask me about that either. Lauren tried to convince Indie to run away with her, but he wouldn’t. Something about a premier for his new movie. Lauren let it go after awhile, but anyways this was my utopian day, not hers.

After all the excitement we could really use a good meal. We settled for a small café that served very many foods, most of which I couldn’t pronounce. That meal was one of the best meals of my life, I swear. I had yellow thick pasta, and some touch bread. It was pretty simple, but very delicious. Along with the pasta and bread, I also had an orange fanta. I was so full at the end, I could really use some exercise.

I instantly thought of my favorite sport, Tennis. With the William sisters of course! They said they went easy on me, but I didn’t believe that even for a second.

We went back to my house, and it started snowing right as we stepped into my yard. Really snowing!!! Lauren, Seana, Talia, and I made snowmen, had snowball fights, and made snow angels.

Just When I thought that day couldn’t get any better, Hannah Montana
magically showed up. I was not happy, this was Utopia day. What was she doing there? So, I bashed her face in, then realized why she was there.

That day I declared Nation Utopian Day just for me, thought I don’t think it will happen next year. So, I went to silver wood theme park, things appeared and disappeared, met Indiana Jones, rode in a private jet, ate lunch in Italy, and permanently scared Hannah Montana. Now that was my kind of a good day.

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