The Shoe and the Sock

April 10, 2012
By Johnna SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
Johnna SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
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Shoe: “Oh, man! I need a good cleaning. I should really find a new owner. Well, good morning there! You must be a brand new sock. It’s nice to meet you!”

Sock: “Woo-wee! It smells worst that twenty wet dogs in an old sale barn in here! Haven’t you ever been washed? Somebody, get me out of here before I faint!”

Shoe starts crying: “Oh, dude! You are SO mean!”

Sock: “All I’m doing is stating the truth! Is that so bad?”

Shoe: “Why, yes, yes it is!”

Person: “Ha ha ha! What is in my shoe? It tickles so much! Man, I gotta take this thing of! Ha ha ha!”

Shoe: “Quick! Be quiet and don’t say ANYTHING!”

Sock: “Why? He can’t do anything to me.”

And that was the last Shoe ever saw of that sock.

Shoe: “Serves him right! I didn’t like him anyway. This new sock is so much nicer. And it’s a she!”

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