As I Put One Foot out the Door

January 28, 2008
By Heather Swedlund, Wheat Ridge, CO

As I put one foot out the door temperatures start to get colder and colder….not knowing when I’m finally standing outside what it would look like….never getting to see the outside never getting to experience all the seasons that are created each year……I finally take my first step and stand there with no sight just all pitch black no images going through my head I have never seen before…. I stand up straight and take in all the cool air that makes me shiver….and finally get to see what the white season is like….first it’s not understandable and doesn’t come out clear to me…. all I see is a white blur…tears run down my face and not in excitement or in happiness…. I thought then that I still won’t get to see what the world really looks like…. not being able to see what the world I was brought into would be like…. I fall to my knees and held my face in my hands filling them with sadness and disappointment….my love comes behind me and kneels next to me and tells me that he loves me and to have faith in myself and give my eyes a moment to take in the world…he pulls my hands away…my eyes still closed and he wipes away my tears…then at that moment I feel something odd, something cold and wet….I open my hands and feel it fall…. not knowing what it is….my love tells me to open my eyes and he puts his hands on both sides of my face and gives me a soft kiss….then I slowly open my eyes not to know what to expect…. It’s still too blurry to see anything…. all just a fuzz and I can only make out figures and not the detail that the figures have….I start to cry again and my love tells me to just wait…. to take a moment to let it sink in…. I close my eyes one more time and open them….a smile appears on my face as things begin to clear up….and I start to cry in happiness….because the first sight that I took in wasn’t the world…. it was my world…. my love…. to see such a handsome person…. to see who it was that I was in love with made me happier than seeing my first snow fall….

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