Josh's Deadly Chase

January 28, 2008
It was a new day arising. Josh the man next door was getting ready taking a
shower and finishing up. Once he was finished he got out and was getting
dressed then he looked in the mirror and he saw a man in his closet. Josh
quickly hit the floor. The person in the closet shot. The mirror was shattered.
The gun had a silencer on it so no one in the building heard the shot. Josh
made a leap into the bushes from the second floor. The shooter followed to
the window. Then he jumped out to the bushes just missing Josh. Josh got up
and ran to his car. The man got up and jumped into the back of a truck.
Josh drove through the city to loose him but he didn’t loose the truck. The
truck was on his tail. The man opened the roof and held out his gun and
fired on Josh. Then Josh grabbed his phone and called the police. When Josh
turned to give the license plate the truck was gone. It must have taken the exit.
Josh quickly went back to his house and called to say he is checking out of the
hotel. Josh told the police that there were men chasing him. The police said,
“We will send a team to you.” Josh heard a car pull up and he looked out his
door. It was not the police, it was the truck. Josh thought to himself, they must
have all my information. Josh ran to get his shotgun and ran to the room with
no windows or doors but one. The police arrived and saw a person outside
his house on the roof the police saw a gun then the police told him ''not to move and drop the
gun.'' The man dropped the gun and ran away. Then the man called his buddies and told
them that the police were there. The police rang the bell not searching for anyone else.
Josh came with his gun and looked through the door window. It was the police team
outside. Josh opened the door and started talking and explaining what was happening.
The team consisted of a sniper, two body guards, and two more door guards. Then the
police parked the police car in Josh’s garage. The next day the people came back
not knowing the police were there. They went to the back and front. Then out of no
where the sniper shot and killed a guy. The sniper said ''one down five to go.''
Now the man under the sniper shot through the roof and killed the sniper. The police
called out for the sniper and no answer. The people outside said, “One, two, three”
and then busted down the doors. The people threw a smoke bomb in and wore their masks.
The police couldn’t breathe and were hidden. Josh couldn’t make a noise. Then Josh
sneezed and the two men were firing their AK47. The police ducked on the floor.
The smoke went away and they saw Josh and the police. The police shot there guns. Then Josh
said ‘move’ then Josh fired the shotgun. “I’m hit,” screamed the guy. Then the people
all came in. There were four people left they were getting mad. Then Josh and the police
ran and hid behind the wall. The people followed and Josh ran. The police tried to
keep up but they couldn’t. Then Josh left his house and didn’t use his car. The people
followed and tackled Josh. Josh was squirming around but didn’t get away. The people’s
boss Justin told his people to bring Josh back alive. The new Justin would be mad if they
disobeyed him. Josh called for help but it was no use. Josh then asked, “Why do you want me?” The man said, “Shut up.” Josh did as he was told.

Then they pulled up outside the home Justin lived in. Justin was waiting outside for them. Then again Josh was going crazy. Justin then said, “Meet me in my office
with him.” Justin was waiting in his office. When Justin turned around Josh knew who it was.
Josh couldn’t think of his name. Then Josh asked, “Why am I here?” Justin then said,
“You are the leader of the future so you must die.” When Josh heard that he was so
scared. Justin was mad at Josh too for killing his men. Then Justin said, “Take him to the cellar.”Justin said, “One more thing, go to hell.” The men threw Josh in the cellar.
Josh asked, “When do I get to eat?” The men responded never. Josh started to sing and the
man threw a pan at Josh. Josh was then knocked out. When Josh woke up he saw
food on the ground next to him. The man said, “If your good you can live a week
extra, if not you dying in a week.” Josh was being bad and kept singing and talking to himself.
The man said, “You’ve been bad and you don’t get the extra week to live.” Over the next
few days Josh thought of how he would die. Josh thought they would shoot him or chop his head off.After the days passed Josh figured out what his death would be. After he knew what it was he figured out that Justin was going to do the killing. The men pinned Josh on the wall and Justin said, “Spin him around and cover his head so he won’t know what is happening.” As Josh spun around, he noticed no gun shots or they weren’t chopping off his head. Josh heard a metal object hit the wood. Josh tried to move, he couldn’t, he was strapped on. Justin was throwing knives. Josh was terrified that he was going to get hit in his heart. Justin didn’t want to kill him he wanted to make him suffer. Justin hit him in his leg, stomach, chest, and his foot, Josh was screaming like a baby and couldn’t walk properly. Justin was laughing at Josh. They took Josh down and Justin was right, he couldn’t walk at all so the men carried Josh to the cellar. Josh suffered and Justin didn’t give him any thing to kill himself. Josh was mad and sad. He cried in pain but Justin said, “That’s what you deserve for killing my men.” No one kills my men except me.” “If you didn’t kill them and make them suffer you would have had a different death.” Later that week Josh died from the knives.

Josh’s friend Brian came looking for him. Brian looked at Josh’s house and found the
dead men and called the police. The police came and said, “Yes, what do you need?” Brian
asked, “What happened here? Josh was going to die from these guys and they took him.”
They looked up the guys and saw that they were owned by Justin. The police want to Justin’s
home and Justin wasn’t there. Justin got away with the men. It was great for Justin. The policefound Josh’s body. Brian said, “I am going to find Justin and kill him.” Brian went searching through Justin’s house. Brian found Justin’s car information and told the police. The police took it back to the station to look up the license plate. Justin drove out of the state last night. Brian asked, “What state is he in?” The police said, “He’s in California.” Brian got in his car and drove to California. When Brian got there he went to the police station. Brian said, “The police were sending you information about a person named Justin.” The police said, “Oh yes, he’s living in San Andres.” Justin didn’t care if people were looking for him. Brian found his home and knocked on the door. Justin’s man answered and asked, “What do you want?” Brian said, “Where is Justin?” The man then said, “There isn’t a Justin here, but over across the street.” Brian said, “No he’s here, I have information that leads straight to this house.” The police and Brian searched the house. Justin came in and said, “Who is this?” The Brian saw Justin and he then ran through the house after Justin. Justin took off and ran upstairs. Justin told the men at the top of the stairs to stop the man running after him. Brian then shot one of the men at the top of the stairs. Brian ran after Justin on the roof. Justin kicked Brian off the roof and killed Brian. Justin got away and ran out of the country to a secret base. The neighbor found Brian’s body and called the police. The police came out to Justin’s house. A woman was standing there crying and screaming. Then the police said, “That man came to the station this morning.” The woman told the police what she saw.
The lady was horrified. The police then said, “This is our biggest case so far.” The police then went back to the station to find where Justin had gone now. The police found that Justin was in South America. The police sent all their best men to South America. The police are working really hard at this point to find Justin and lock him up. The police from California met with the South America police to help. The police had to ask people if they have seen Justin and put up flyers. Then an old man came and snitched on Justin. The man said, “He is staying in an underground place only accessible to him.” Justin disguised it to
make the police give up and stop. The police weren’t going to quit. Then the police made a brigade at the main door. Then if Justin tried to leave he would get caught. The police didn’t know he had two other escapes. Justin said over his loud speaker, “I will not give up.” The police tried every thing to get Justin but they couldn’t. They called the Army, FBI, and the CIA. All of them tried to get in.

Justin called a friend, his name is Reid. Justin told Reid to come to the secret underground layer. Reid came out to help Justin and Reid saw the police. Reid then called Justin back, and said, “There are all these police out here, I can’t get in.” Justin said, “Come around back and I will let you in.” Reid told the police Justin left. Justin got his helicopter to fly out without him. Justin was thinking smart and the police shot and followed it. Reid then ran around back to go into the place. Justin called out to Reid, “The police blocked the front but I have one more helicopter and three cars here. The cars are the fastest in the world.” The police shot down the helicopter to find out Reid was lying to them. Justin said, “Reid get in a car and I will open the door. The police are back.” Reid said, “These cars are faster then their’s anyways.” Justin then said, “Their only a little bit better. They can go about 200 mph and the police can go about 175 mph.” Justin and Reid pulled out and there were police out there waiting. Justin had rockets on his car. Reid had two machine guns on his car. Justin said, “Follow me.” Reid followed Justin and the police came too. The police only had two kinds of cars to stop Justin. Those cars were the same cars we had. “Their cars don’t have guns right'' Reid asked. Justin said, “I don’t know I haven’t lived here that long.” They both ran off to the highway to head to the rainforest. The police are following us. As they entered the highway they sped up really fast. Reid was trying to talk to Justin but they were going too fast. Justin and Reid went to the rainforest to get away. Then they lost the police and they got away. Reid and Justin came back to North America. They had to change their identity. Justin went back to his house. Reid went with him and saw Josh’s body too. Reid asked, “Justin who is that?” Justin said, “That is Josh. I killed him.” Reid didn’t know Josh but still went to Josh's funeral.

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