The Revenge of Cinnamon Sugar

January 28, 2008
By Spencer Crotts, Carrollton, TX

I ran to see the confused toasters run past the dumpster I was hiding in. After they were gone I jumped out of the dumpster and ran towards the nearest wal-mart. I pulled out my gun and reloaded the last few bullets I had. I popped my head into the store, looked left to right. I sprinted in with icing falling off my chest; I pull out my gun and shot the unexcpecting toaster in its thermometer sending it to the floor.

Right that instant I knew I was a pop-tart all alone in the world. I ran towards the gun and bow and arrow section, I shot the man at the counter and looked at all the guns in the store. I took the butt of the gun and broke the glass shielding the guns in the display case. I picked up two Ak47’s and ran towards the bullets section, looking through the boxes of bullets I finally found the bullets for the AK. I picked up ten extra clips and 20 boxes of bullets and started putting the stolen bullets in the clips.

I went back to the broken glass and grabbed to 357 magnums and ten boxes of bullets. I pulled back the lever on the AK and walked out of the door. I ran up to a young toaster waiting at a stop light in his new silver Honda civic. I pulled out my magnum and tapped on the car window, I pulled the young man out of the car waving the gun in his face. I jumped into the car and drove off.
I started shuffling through the car and found a red cell phone on the passenger car seat. I thought to my self of my father, cinnamon sugar, who was killed by an old toaster when I was a young boy. He came into our house, cooked him and ate him with a glass of milk on the side. My name is Strawberry, I was born in a small town out of Dallas called Carrolton. . I put my friend’s number in the phone and called him. I started talking to him and Chocolate chip said to me in a harsh voice “you’re all over the news and the Tops (toaster – cops) are looking for you, you’re in some deep trouble.”

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