The Dance

January 28, 2008
By Chelsea Chong, Carrollton, TX

“John, I c-can’t!”

“Oh, c’mon Lilly, it’s Valentines Day! Ask Ryan out.”

“But I-”

“You know you want to, I can tell”


“Urgh, fine, if you ask out Ryan I’ll ask out Trisha.”

“Oh, and John-“

“Yes, I’ll catch you when you faint. Deal?”


Half an hour later, Lilly was outside Ryan’s door. John was lurking in the bushes across the way, ready to catch Lilly should she spontaneously lose consciousness. With a long deep breath, Lilly rang the door bell. Within seconds, it was flung open by Ryan. Lilly was trying very hard to not obey her shy instincts and faint. After all, she had waited as long as she could remember for this chance.
“Oh, um, hi Lilly!” Ryan greeted, surprised. Lilly’s face flushed crimson.
“R-Ryan, I-I w-was w-wondering i-i-if,” She began, connecting her forefingers together while staring at the green caterpillar crawling toward the bush. John knew that wasn’t a good sign.
“If what?” Ryan asked, kindly. He was used to the shy girl’s habits.
“W-well, um, it’s V-Valentine’s Day s-so m-maybe, you k-know…”
Like an oblivious idiot, Ryan was simply confused. Lilly’s meaning was very clear, any members of the male species would have gotten it- except Ryan.
Lilly was on the verge of fainting. She was starting to doubt if she could take this torture anymore. John decided it was time for a little emergency intervention. He popped out of the bush, brushed out some leaves that were in his hair, and strolled casually over to the stammering Lilly and the bewildered Ryan.
“Oh, hey, Lilly there you are!” he said, trying to sound surprised. “I was looking for you! I was wondering if you and Ryan wanted to come with me and Trisha to the Valentine’s Dance at Falcon’s High.”
Ryan smiled. “Oh, is that what you were going to ask, Lilly?” Fighting the urge to faint or blush a shade between red and purple, she nodded. “Sure, I’ll come!”
“Great!” John said, beaming. “Why don’t you two head over? I have to stoop and pick up Trisha.”
“Huh? Oh, um, uh okay!” cried Lilly. With a wave, John started off, leaving a deep red Lilly holding John’s hand.
When John got to the dance, with a giggling Trisha wrapped around him, he spotted Ryan and Lilly in the corner. Ryan must be telling a funny story because Lilly was laughing and Ryan was blabbering his mouth away. They looked like they were holding hands under the table they were sitting at. John, deciding to let them enjoy their privacy, gestured Trisha to the dance floor. It was a very happy Valentine’s Day after all.

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