January 28, 2008
By Jamie Schefen, Plainview, NY

As Josephine left the courthouse she began to smile. She had gotten away with murder, the perfect crime. Knowing she had broken the rules liberated her. After all, she had the perfect disguise, innocence. She felt a wave of guilt but it was soon over. She thought to herself karma was his killer, and he reaped what he sowed. She was not going to sit back and take deceit for she was stronger. Remorse was no longer hidden inside of her and she was no longer human. Human’s hold a conscience that Josephine has let go. The darkness that dwells inside of her is now a growing part of her. Josephine watched as a drop of blood fell from her hand to the floor. Her emotions still flowed with anger and deceit. However, Josephine left the courthouse feeling revenge was sweet.

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