Music of the Wind

January 28, 2008
By Ashley Jacobs, Concord, NC

Music notes danced along with beams of sparkling moonlight across the glimmering strings of a guitar as the hands of a golden haired angel glided nimbly across them, translating smoothly from chord to chord. The fingers working together flawlessly, never missing a single note. He worked up and down the neck with ease, sliding without hesitation across the frets. The sight of him in this state of nirvana could make the devil himself shed a tear and the sound of his song could make the cold heart of the dead skip a beat. As for mortals, their ears could not withstand such a godly serenade, for it would prove too much for their human composure. For one little wood nymph, such an aria was hard to resist. She followed the sweet harmony of the sound to the clearing in the woods and watched silently near the glowing, winged creature. Suddenly, as the angel switched to a melodic tune, the nymph was drawn forward from her hiding place and stared longingly at the image before her. She closed her eyes, swaying slightly with the waves of the sound first moving side to side and then spinning slightly, humming along with the song, her short skirt of shredded silk twirling about her small waist. She then switched from foot to foot, waltzing and prancing about on her delicate feet, a small ring of braided vines jumbling around on her left ankle. She came closer to the beautiful being then stretched out a hand, hoping to touch his silver and gold hued aura, but the angel stopped suddenly, resting his instrument on the ground lovingly. The fairy drew back slightly, worried that she had disturbed him. He was tall, slim, almost unworldly in appearance, with long wavy locks that cascaded well past his masculine shoulders and pale blue eyes that pierced the very essence of your soul. The small pixie gazed up at the beauty of the angel, stepping closer then before, wanting to feel his undeniable presence more closely. The man looked up curiously and admiringly at the small creature, her tiny hand nearing his glowing cheek. She traveled a couple inches closer and a fresh, sweet scent invaded the angels senses. It lingered hints of cherry blossom and cedar bark. The two came closer and the skillful fingers of the not quite human figure traced the feminine curves of the wood nymph’s side. She shuddered as the same expert hands that had played the guitar so beautifully now danced lightly over the bare skin of her navel, slightly lower then the torn material of her midriff tunic. They came nearer and embraced each other as a bright light shown over the small clearing. The tune of the guitar wafted, and as it did, the reflection of the moon displayed that the two had vanished, but the music still carried on the wind, blowing through tree branches and leaves onto its next destination.

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