Chapter 1: Start

January 28, 2008
By Matt Bram, Tallahassee, FL

shows a building in the middle of nowhere.
Shows the inside of the building with about 15 men around a large table in chairs.
Man #1: Where's Hellsing? Shouldn't he of finished the job by now?
Man #2: He always take too slow, likes to play with his opponent before killing them.
Man #3: That man, he can't just--
Hellsing: Can't what?
Man #3 freezes up.
Man #1: You kill them?
Hellsing: Of course.
Man#2: The plate on your face...
Man #2: What Happened?
Hellsing: They put up a good fight.
Man#1: Didn't he have a son?
Hellsing: Yeah. He should arrive to the burning house any minute now.
Man#3: What now?
Hellsing: We wait...
Man#4: Wait?
Hellsing: Yes. We wait.
Hellsing: Wait for him to seek training at Yakan. And then our spies will decide what to do from there.
Man#2: Then what?
Hellsing: We eliminate every single person who stands up to us.
Shows everyone at the table jumping up: YEAH!
Hellsing: My main target....
(shows Masashi): Masashi Oriya...
shows medium sized village.
Masashi walks into bar.
Masashi: Hey
Bar Keeper: Get Out.
Masashi: Why don't you?
Bar Keeper: I own the place.
Masashi has that “I'm an idiot” look on him: Shut up...
Bar Keeper shuts off the TV
Masashi thought: Was that?
Masashi runs out of the bar.
(shows Masashi running up to his home, in ashes)
A man walks up to him: Is this your home?
Masashi nods
Man: I'm sorry, son. There were two dead inside.
Masashi eyes are wide.
Man: It was said a Chi Lord did this. With a black plate on the right side of his face.
Masashi: You know his name?
Man: I'm sorry son I don't. But ask around, someone might know.
Masashi walks away.
Man: Where are you going?
Masashi: Yakan. To get stronger....and find whoever did this...
The man walks away.
His face starts to melt off.
Man: Ah. Masashi Oriya. This should be interesting. Yes, very interesting.
(Shows Chapter One Page)

(shows Masashi walking off with a small pack)
(shows Masashi walking again)
someone walks up to him
Young Girl: Sashi! Sashi! Where are you going?
Masashi puts hand on her head.
Masashi: I'm going away for a while? But I Promise I'll be back Celia.
Masashi smiles.
Celia: I'm gonna miss you!
Masashi: It's okay. I promise I'll stop by each day that I'm in town
Celia pouts: Hmph.
Masashi laughs.
Masashi: See ya around.
Masashi walks off.
Celia watches him as he goes.
Masashi waving to Bar Keep.
Masashi: See Ya.
Bar Keep: Yeah.
(walks out of the village)
shows him walking in the desert for a page.
Man comes out of the ground.(2 boxes)
Sand falling off him(2 boxes)
Man: Ah, so start your journey now...
Man goes back into the sand.(3 or 4 boxes)
Masashi looks back.
(shows miles of sand): Nothing.
Masashi starts walking again: Wonder how long it's been.
(tries to take a drink)
(all of the canteens are empty)
Masashi: Long enough it seems.
Everything gets blurry:
Masashi wobbles: Whoa...
Everything is more blurry.
Masashi throws up.
Masashi: Ah...
Masashi slowly closing his eyes(3 boxes)
Masashi collapsing in the sand.
Black background: What happened?
Black background: Where am I?
His eyes ease open(3 boxes)
Masashi jumps back.
Shows 8 or 9 people in the room crowding around him.
Little Girl: He's awake!
A man walks in, about 40 years old.
Man: Oh. Good. We were starting to think you had died on us.
Masashi: Where am I?
Man: Kissimmee.
Masashi: Where?
Man: Our land we own here, we called it Kissimmee, after the family
Man: Call me Aston
Masashi: Okay, Aston. I'm Masashi Oriya.
Aston: Aston Kissimmee. Pleased to meet you.
Masashi: What ha--
Aston: You passed out in the desert. Lucky for you I found you and brought you back.
Masashi: Well thank you.
Aston: Anytime.
Masashi: I rather it not happen again, but I get your point.
someone yelling from outside: Hey!
Aston: In here.
Person about Masashi's age walks in.
Aston: This is my son, Makoto.
Masashi gets up.
Masashi: Hey.
Makoto: Hey.
Long silence.
Aston: Well this is awkward who wants lunch!?
Makoto: I'll pass. I'm heading out to Yakan soon.
Masashi: Me too actually.
Makoto: For the Academy?
Masashi: You too then?
Makoto: Yep. You’re a first year aren’t you?
Masashi: Yeah. I take it then you’ve been there before?
Makoto: Yep. This is my second year.
Masashi: Ah.
Makoto: Why are you going?
Masashi: My trainers…well…
Masashi looks down.
Makoto: Gotcha.
Masashi: So, you use Chi yet?
Makoto: Of course. You?
Masashi: Not very well, can barely start a little spark.
Makoto: Well why don't we have a little match. See who's stronger? Then we'll head out.
Masashi: Okay.
(shows them standing in the field)
Makoto: Father.
Aston: Begin!

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