The End of Life

January 30, 2008
As Bobby tries to run away from him, he just can’t run fast enough. As everyone watches in astonishment, Bobby is caught and tackled by FBI agent J.K. In the background you can hear someone saying “Gee whiz, he must have stolen from the sheriff!” Bobby doesn’t have any friends or family, or who he knows of. He was told that his Mother, Father, and two brothers died in a car “accident”. Only he and his dog, spot, survived. It is only 2008 and bobby is just turning twenty, today. Agent J.K. hits him a few times and suddenly you can hear a small barking coming from the inside of a building close by. And then Spot jumps out of the corner and tackles J.K. As they struggle with each other, Bobby breaks up the fight. He dashes off with a small limp. J.K. doesn’t get up for he is too wounded. Seriously injured, J.K. yells “I’ll get you Bobby! Even if it’s the last thing I do! Ya hear?”

Bobby is the kind of person that never gives up no matter how hard the dream may seem. Well, Bobby’s dream is to find his family. Even though they died, he doesn’t want to give up quiet so soon. There’s only one problem. Bobby has a great personality but nobody knows this because …. Because….. He dresses like it’s 1952. Around here, we all dress the same, Jeans and a T-shirt. Bobby on the other hand, dresses like the poodle skirts are still in style. Now ‘round here, if you dress classy, or casual, then you stand out like a rotten egg on a Sunday afternoon. It’s like social isolation.

Now as bobby starts his journey, he’s got no money so that means no food, no car, and no nothin’. So he and spot, they decide to walk. As they walk their long way from Ceaster, Missouri, all of the way to a big town I’d like to call, Austin, Texas. That’s where “The picture” was taken. The only thing Bobby really has to remember his family of. Oh yes, Spot too. Spot protects Bobby like a snake on a plane.

Spot and bobby have only been walking three days now and they are tired and hungry. They both spot a general store down the street and decide to stop and see if the manager will cut them some slack and give ‘em something nice to eat. They walk in and get a scared reaction. The man standing at the cash register looks scared. He says “Look man. If it’s money you want, then you’ll get it! Please don’t hurt me. I have kids at home that I need to feed! They would be nothing without me!” As Bobby looks at him with some slight confusion, it suddenly hits him. *Bobby’s thoughts* Ahhhh. I see. This man thinks I’m a robber. Well then while I’m at it okay. *Thoughts end* “Well while I’m here, get me some money and a little bit of those nachos.” The man moves even without thinking. He gets and extra large nacho with a twenty dollar bill. The man sets the supplies on the counter. Bobby has a weird look on his face. Almost as if he is so concentrated, that nothing could get in his way. Suddenly, the nachos start to levitate. They move to Bobby and land in his hands. Next, the twenty dollar bill. The cashier is so confused he can’t even start to describe what is going on right before his eyes. Once Bobby has a hold of both items, he dashes out of there as fast as you can say rinopriklemarius! Spot right next Bobby’s side, runs with him.

A sudden halt, followed by a quick trip and a quick stand up. Bobby is as confused as ever. He sees a sign on the side of the road saying “Austin, 4 miles ahead”. Bobby and Spot get so excited it is hysterical. They jump up and down and in circles. It’s getting late now so they better hit the sack.

Bobby wakes up in the middle of the night to Spot barking as loud as he can. He hushes Spot, then listens for a while. He then thinks “Spot only barks when there’s trouble coming”. Oh, no! Bobby heard a sharp sound of a police siren. He then remembers stealing from that poor cashier. Bobby starts to run. Hopeless for anything to save him now he continues running. Nothing can stop him. Nothing, except for FBI agent J.K. Sooner than never, Bobby is tackled once again and along with J.K., there is a dog catcher to take care of spot. Bobby is placed into hand cuffs and spot is put into a muzzle. They are sent to an airport to be flown back to Missouri.
On the flight, Bobby decides to jump. He grabs Spot and then jumps off before anyone notices. He thinks this is the end so he says bye to Spot and prays. He prays for wings so he could fly to Austin. He feels a slight jerk and blames it on Spot but then, out of nowhere, Bobby stops falling. He still has a hold onto Spot so he can’t get away. Bobby then realizes that he can fly! The lord does listen to his prayers and the lord is going to make his dream come true. Bobby thinks for a while and thinks about the direction he should be heading. “Well, the plane was heading east, so that means we should go west!” Bobby turns around and starts to head east. A couple hours later he starts to get tired. Spot has fallen asleep on his back and he has no idea where he is going. He looks down and notices a tiny sign that reads “Welcome to Austin!”
“Wow! I’m finally here!” Bobby heads to town to find his family. He finds and old phone booth that has a phonebook in it. He looks for Penske but there’s no Penske in Austin. Disappointed, he decides to walk home. Spot then sits down like he is trying to tell Bobby something. Bobby quickly walks over to him and asks him what’s wrong. Bobby looks up to see the name of a store “Penske palace”. Bobby runs inside and asks a young man if he has seen Mr. and Mrs. Penske. The boy then says “Yes. They have owned this store for ten years. Why? Do you know them?” Bobby answers with “Why yes, yes I do. May you take me to them?” Bobby lifts Spot up and follows the man into the back office. “One moment please.” The man says.
Bobby is almost asleep while waiting for his parents. He opens his eyes and notices and older woman standing in front of him. Right away he knows who it is. He jumps up and gives her a hug. She says “Oh Bobby! So many years have gone by waiting just for this day! I knew you could find us. That’s just the type of person you were when you were ten.” When Mrs. Penske would talk, she has a soft voice but you can still tell the excitement within her.
Later, in the car, Bobby asks where they are going. She answers with “Oh silly! We’re going home!”
They pull up to a four story house with seven cars out front. “You’ve visited us on the best day of the year! Everyone is here!” The woman says. Bobby the asks “What do you mean everyone?” “Oh well all of your seven brothers and sisters of course!” All three of them walk inside and the rest of the group joins in on greeting Bobby to the home. Everyone says their name like Lucy, Johnny, Buck, Fred, Jasmine, Miranda, and Zech. All of Bobby’s brothers and sisters are there along with Bobby’s father and mother.
Later that night, Bobby explains his whole journey to the rest of the family. Then His mother and father ask if he wants to live with them and he answers “Of course. I’d love to!”

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