Acceptance in a Whole New Meaning

January 30, 2008
By Sarah Hanson, Alden, NY

Her heels clacked down the hall. She stood outside of the oak door, bristling with fear. Clack, clack. She shuffled with anxious impatience. Clack, clack. The door swung open. Screeeeeeeeeeeeeak.
Come in.
She clacked into the room, and set down the heavy folder.
Shuffle, shuffle.
Clack, clack.
Nervous fear gripped her with ivory knuckles.
Clack, clack.
He looked at her.
She waited with no knowledge of what to come, if she would be here for the year, accepted, liked, loved, intelligent, belligerent, herself.
Clack, clack.
Clack, clack.
She sat on the edge of her seat. Patience, patience. Time was ticking by. 100, 000, 000, 000 seconds trickled through endless space.
Clack, clack.
Acceptance can be the sweetest sound. She was free at last.
Clack, clack.
Joy trailed down the hall.
The oak door swung shut.

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