February 1, 2008
By Berlyn Lee, Auburn, WA

Starry eyes and blushed cheeks. Hands clasped together so tightly that her knuckles were white. Heart pounding so hard that it felt like her chest would collapse. Not to mention her knees felt like they would buckle at any moment as she starred up into his dark blue eyes, the world around her had dissapeared; It was just her and David Rowens. Her friends had gossiped that the older boy would ask her on a date. He was the school jock with the most lovely blue eyes and dark as chocolate brown hair that was always kept short and spiked. He was amazingly buff and comfortably tall, not to mention he was nice. It was a strange match... Because he was amazing and she was the punky type. She normally wore her hair short and wore black t-shirts and tight pants with old and 'lived in' shoes, she wore either a lot of make-up or none at all. Most of her days she spent with her friends or listening to her i-pod, she didn't care what anyone thought of her... Well she hadn't until today. She was almost about to explode with anxiety when he finally smiled that gorgious smile and asked:

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

She had known him since pre-K and she had always adored how he had once been a total dweeb to what he was today. She had also always loved his personality, sweet and caring. She had never noticed that he liked her and now today when he had finally told her she stood there speechless in her red plaid skirt and long 'My Chemical Romance' black T-shirt, shaking in her tattered converse shoes.


Somehow she choked out: "Okay." She said, inside her head she was angry at herself for not jumping up and kissing him in the hallway as a yes, but on the outside her straight-toothed smile after the 'okay' made him smile and he pulled her into the romantic kiss she had been thinking of.... After two seconds she was hooked.

When the kiss had ended he pulled back and the world around her came back like a harsh flush, the halls filled with noise and closterphobia set in as more people came into the junior hallway. However, she felt safe in his arms.

"How about you meet me at the ferris wheel by the space needle?" He asked, "At seven tomarrow.... and I'll surprise you." He said.

She nodded and was given one final kiss by him and he turned and left. Suddenly someone pinched her bum and she turned to see her best friend, Lily, "It was real, you felt that right?" Lily said with a small giggle.

"I love my life." Amy whispered and wrapped her arms around the tall thin girl.

Lily giggled again and hugged her friend back, "So you have a hot boyfriend and a date tomarrow.... What are you going to wear?"

Amy released her friend and stepped back to look over her own body, "A skirt with tights that are warm like socks and a clean shirt. Also a hat, gloves, and a jacket... It'll be cold." She said.

Lily shook her head, "What about shoes?"

Amy looked down at the old converse shoes that sat on her size seven and a half feet. She had gone through seven things of laces and now floresent green laces occupied the holes. Silver sharpie had met the black of the shoes to write 'Amy is BOMB' on her left shoe and 'Lily is pretty damn kick a**' (Written by Lily when Amy had fallen asleep at Lily's house) on her right shoe. On the top white part of the shoe and bottom of the shoe little flower designs as well as stick figures and phrases were written in black sharpie. Last, there was the tiny rip on the side of her left shoe. Her step mother was the first person who had said Amy's shoes were "Lived in" and it stuck... It was true.

"These." Amy said and looked up at her friend, "These are my signiture." She said.

Lily shrugged, "I guess. But I sugjest black boots." She said and pulled her friend out of the conjestion of the hall into the calculus classroom, "Much sexier." Lily said with a small giggle and turned to go talk to the girl who stood behind her.

Now, for the first time, Amy questioned what she was looking like... If she looked okay. She had never cared, she felt self concious and scared that the whole world hated how she looked. She felt like passing out.

* * *

Some how, she survived the school day and then traveled to the mall. She hadn't planned on buying anything but she did. She bought a cute black skirt and a black and white sweater to go with her long black and white stripe stockings... For once she was matching her cloths. She bought make-up just for the occassion and even... Perfume. She knew that if she had been thinking like her old self, she would know something was very wrong... But she was in such a haze that she never noticed that she had taken off her shoes and dropped them in the garbage. She wanted impress him. She wanted to do that so bad she was willing to throw away shoes that meant a lot to her.

"What would you like to find miss?" Asked a rather plump woman in a purple shirt with 'Shoes' written in white on one of her breasts. Her orange hair nearly blinded Amy in the light of the store.

"Boots. Black boots." She said, "In style." Those were two words Amy had never said.

The plump woman nodded and led Amy to the back of the store where a whole wall was dedicated to boots. On the top of the wall it literally read 'BOOTS'. The woman smiled, "If you need anything just call, my name's Beth." She said and before Amy could ask another question Beth had dissapeared.

Amy starred at the boots in a sad confusion, she had no idea what to choose, "Beth!" She yelled suddenly and the woman appeared at her side within seconds.

"Yes dear."


"Oh. Alright. Amy, what do you need help with?" She asked, a smile had appeared on her face for some strange reason.

"What boots are in style?" Amy asked.

The woman's smile grew wider and she brought Amy about ten boxes of different boots, all in size seven and a half. Then Beth dissapeared again.

Amy tried on several of the boots and didn't like how they fit. Then she pulled out a pair that would match the outfit. She pulled them on and imediantly off to the side was a voice she did not reconize.

"Great boots." Said a voice off to Amy's side and that voice was followed by several other voices whom all agreed.

Amy smiled, and blushed for the second time that day, "Thanks." She said.

"Wow!" Said a familiar voice now, Beth walked over to Amy, "Nice boots Amy, those are the ones." She said and watched the girl nod and then collapse on the small bench used to try on shoes. A concerned look swept over Beth's face, "You alright?"

Amy nodded, "Yeah." She said and looked up a Beth, "Just want to impress my new boyfriend." She said.

Beth sat down next to the girl, "Are you alright with the new change?"

Amy nodded, "Yeah... Maybe... I don't know." She finally admitted, she was slowly awakening from her haze.

Beth smiled, "You know... If he really likes you he won't care what you wear... He'll love you for what you are." She said, "That's why he asked you in the first place, he likes you for you." She said.

Amy nodded, "You're right." She said and smiled too, "You are exactly right."

Beth nodded, "I'll leave you to your desision." She said and stood up, then dissapeared.

Amy's hazel eyes fell on the black boots that sat on her feet an paraded up to her knees, they were beautiful... The same boots that models had worn in magazine shoots and on tv sometimes. Amy had adored them for how they fit and how the heel was impressive but comfortable... They made her look like the common age woman. However, as she starred at the boots she realized... They were the start to a life style she did not want. First the boots and then accssesories that weren't from hot topic and pink eye shadow. These boots were her failing to fight the man, the hypocrits and the judgementals. These boots were the essence of conformity, and the spirit of her chainge-to-be. Suddenly Amy pulled the boots off and threw them on the floor before running out of the store yelling, "Thank You!" To Beth as she exited.

* * *

On saturday Amy arrived at the Ferris wheel in the striped leggings and sweater with the black skirt. She now also wore a black hat, scarf, and gloves... Along with make-up. On her feet were the old converse shoes, now with a new stain of cheese from the mall garbage.

When her date turned and saw her he looked surprised, he walked up to her and looked her up and down, "You match." He said with a grin.

"All my other cloths were dirty." She managed to get out.

He nodded, "I see." he said, "You look beautiful." He said and smiled, "The thing I like most about your outfit, however, is the shoes." He said looking down at the bright green laces.

Amy blushed, "Yeah... They... Um..."

"Spent an hour or two in the mall trash can." He said and smiled when he saw the surprise in Amy's eyes, "My mom told me." He said, "Her name is Beth."

Amy smiled, "Do you really like me for me?" She asked, unable to think her words through.

He smiled, "Ever since pre-K." He said and pulled her into a kiss.

The night had been beautiful. The dark sky was clear and the stars shinned brighter then ever before. The space needle loomed over them as if protecting them, and the noises of the year-round fair played like back ground music. The air smelled of sweet cotton candy and salty popcorn. They stood on the hard cement in the brilliant lights of the spinning ferris wheel, making their faces turn pale greens and reds. However, even though the night was amazing... Everything that was aroung them dissiapeared as Beth had in the store. The only thing that existed in Amy's kisses were him, the world around her was black as midnight and was an endless drop both up and down. It was a scary thought, but she felt safe in his arms.

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