February 1, 2008
By Jordon Gasca, Lake Stevens, WA

I slowly began to awake from my slumber with a headache giving me a good morning welcome. My vision in my eyes was blurry so I had a hard time telling where I was. Once I regained consciousness I realized that I wasn’t at my apartment but instead I was sleeping in an abandoned home. How did I end up here? I could have sworn I was at my friend’s house watching the Husky game and having a good time. Did I drink too much?

Slowly I examined the house I was in as I got out of bed. The house is very old, all the wood is nearly broken or rotted, dust is everywhere, along with cobwebs, and every time I took a step the floors creaked. This place reminds me too much of a typical haunted house. I walked past a window, stopped, and walked back to it to see the scenery outside. The house may have been disturbing but the scenery outside is more disturbing.

Outside there were miles and miles of grass fields but until a certain point was a forest of some sort with mountains behind it. There were no people, roads, animals, or even other houses in this land. What bugged me more is that the trees and mountains image is so cheesy and so cartoonish that I felt like I was in a super Mario game. I opened the window and cried out, “Hello? Is anyone out there?!”

The only response I got was the echo of my cry. Angrily I slammed the window down but accidentally got my fingers. I cried out in pain and took my fingers out and fell on the ground. At that moment I started to get a flash back. A bunch of hands were grabbing someone, probably me, and ejected some type of drug or steroid in my arm. When I came to, I looked at my arm to see it was fine and nothing was wrong with it.

“Okay guys this isn’t funny!” I hollered.

I started to think that this was some sort of joke from my friends. My friends didn’t reply but I did hear a voice downstairs! Quickly I ran down stairs to see who it was, but to my disappointment it was just the radio.

“We interrupt this program to bring an important announcement” the announcer said in the old radio.

I leaned toward it and turned up the volume to get a better hearing.

“Mayhem is all over the world! Zombies, I repeat Zombies are roaming the streets killing countless people! Authorities have declared that everyone stay in there homes and board there houses until help arrives. The president says…” the announcer explained but I turned off the radio.

I rushed by the nearest window I could find and peered out to the horizon. A few miles away I could see them, the undead slowly walking to this house. It was too far to see what they looked like but I didn’t care. Zombies all look alike, dead people with rotting flesh! I cursed in frustration wondering what is going on and why is this happening to me?

Dashing down stairs I desperately looked for a weapon. Since the zombies were so far away and walking at such a slow pace, it would be an hour or two before they start knocking on my door. That gives me time to find a weapon and board up the house. I spent twenty minutes looking for a gun both on the first floor and second. My heart began to race and I could hear each pound it made in my chest. Every minute I waste is a minute I loose to defend myself from the zombies.

There was only one place left that I didn’t look and that is the basement. I immediately got the chills as soon as I opened the door. The room is completely dark and the sound of water dripping from a leaky pipe. That was no longer a problem as I flicked a light switch on and the darkness vanished. My spirits began to lift as I stepped down the stairs and saw what was held down in this basement. The basement is defiantly the house’s supply basement.

It had food, batteries, a shot gun, ammo rounds, water, blankets, matches, firewood, clothes, a hatchet, books, mini radio, and anything else I need to survive. I grabbed the hatchet with the belt attachment and strapped it on. Hatchets make good weapons; I could use it to chop off the arms off any zombie that wants to grab me. There were a couple of bottles of the deodorant spray “Axe” and a lighter near it. Grinning I took the axe shook it up and put it in my pocket with the lighter. It would make a nice flame thrower.

At last I grabbed the shotgun and held it close to me. This is the most important weapon I need in order survive. But as soon as I grabbed the shotgun my eye’s vision got fuzzy and I started to get another vision. I saw a soldier alone in a white room holding a rifle. The man’s face was hidden by a futuristic helmet with wires sticking out and was attached to a computer. Not once during the vision did I see that man fire the gun, he just stood there aiming and moving his gun to different places.

Once I came to I found myself in the dark still in the basement. A pair of orange eyes gleamed at me and it started to growl. Whatever the thing was it smelled terrible! It smelled like a sewer. Without hesitation I shot two rounds at the creature but it laughed at me and disappeared. The lights began to flicker back on and I peered over where the monster was but didn’t see any trail of blood.

Slowly I returned back upstairs, scared to death, and clutching my shot gun with my sweaty palms, my face even sweated a river of perspiration. As soon as I opened the basement door my heart nearly stopped. A huge group of Zombies welcomed me, with there drooling mouths, arms strung out in front of them, and deep terrible moans. Pulling out the shot gun, I shot the ones in front on me and ran to the stairs. As I ran up the stairs I left behind a trail of Axe spray on the steps. Once I reached the top of the steps I whipped up the lighter and lit the whole stairs on fire.

I watched as the zombies tried to get up the stairs but back away as they caught in flames. For once I was able to let out a chuckle, a chuckle of triumphed. There is no way that they could get me now. A great force swept me off my feet and threw me into the bedroom I woke up in. I looked up in horror and saw the area I was in was completely dark and the orange eyes came back to haunt me.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” I screamed and shot many rounds.

No matter how many bullets I fired, the eyes and stench came closer and closer. But it soon stopped as a pair of hands from behind me grabbed me from behind, preventing me to shoot. I looked behind me to see that a stinking zombie got ahold of me and is now moaning down my neck. The room went pitch black once more for a moment and I felt the grip of the zombie completely off of me. But as soon as the lights went back on, I was completely surrounded by zombies in the whole room. One of the zombies in the crowd jumped out at me and bit me on the neck.

“NO!!!!!!!” I screamed in terror as the zombie got a hold of me.

“Jason? Jason settle down! The test is over!” said a familiar voice.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was wearing a virtual reality helmet and I could see my superiors in front of me. My memories started to kick in as I took the helmet off and I rubbed my head. My name is Jason Elric and I’m a Special Forces soldier trainee. Professor Oak and Lt.Mustang wanted me to take a test before they could recruit me into the Special Forces. But why did they make me forget about trying out the test? Also, why test me against Zombies?

“Very good Jason, you pass the test. This experiment was to see how well you handle the situation if unknown forces were to attack,” Professor Oak explained.

“Unknown forces?” I repeated nervously and looked at him.

Lt.Mustang placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “come on son, now it’s time for the real thing….”

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siddielee said...
on Jun. 30 2011 at 6:32 pm
siddielee, Charlotte, North Carolina
0 articles 0 photos 12 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Death is everything" - Resident Evil

It's not what I expected...I'm not sure if I like It...but it wasn't bad

on Mar. 7 2011 at 1:52 pm
AndyWawrzusin SILVER, Cameron Mills, New York
5 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise."

the last line was the best line. Overall good story.

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