Once Bitten

February 2, 2008
By Shalan Edwards, Baker City, OR

Hidden in the dark, dark Death Cave, she waited. Waited for the right moment, the right time. She was just so, so thirsty. She stared toward the opening of the cave, the bright orange sunlight peeking in through the dark. She stared out at the sun, trying not to be hit by its rays, and headed into the blackness.

Back on the warm beaches of Sunny Cove Trent Payne was hanging with his best friend Donny Thompson. They walked along Bumper Beach Road, watching a little girl beg her mother for a stuffed bear.

“Can you believe that summer is almost here and we have no one to share it with?” Donny asked.

“I know, it is unbelievable. Well, I have to go baby sit my little sister, so want to hang out, maybe sevenish?” Trent asked.

“Sure, I’ll meet you at Bobby’s Burgers,” Donny answered. Trent waved goodbye. He stuck his hands in his pocket and walked away. He looked at the sun. It was especially bright today. He turned his hat, which was on backwards, around so the blazing sun would not beat in his eyes.

As he approached the door, he could hear his sister yelling,

“Mom, I want ice cream. Make brother buy me chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and chocolate whip cream and chocolate sprinkles and lots and lots of cherries!” Then he heard his parents answer,

“No, honey, we got to go and we have no time for ice cream”. That is the moment he walked in. His parents said goodbye and left. Trent sat down and turned on the T.V. He flipped through the channels, but found nothing. He walked into the kitchen and made his sister a hot pocket and a corn dog for himself. He sat down on the sofa and ate his corn dog. His sister was upstairs playing with her dolls. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

A little while later, he woke up. He looked at the clock. It was seven fifteen! He was late and his parents weren’t home yet. He pulled on his jacket and called for his sister. When she came down, she put on her fluffy coat and they walked out of the door.

They ran until they came to Bobby’s Burgers. Donny was sitting on the table out front.

“You brought HER along?” Donny asked.

“I had to, my parents weren’t home yet,” Trent answered.

“You do know that I am right here, right?” Maria, Trent’s sister, asked. They ignored her. She sat down while the boys’ talked.

After about twenty minutes a girl came by.

“Hey, your feet must be tired ’cause you’ve been running through my mind all day!” Donny said. She smiled and sat down.

“How sweet. I’m Molly,” she said.

“I’m Donny”.

“I’m Trent”.

“You want some burgers?” Donny asked.

“Sure,” she answered. Just then, another girl came up.

“Oh, hi, Kylie,” Molly said.

“Hi Molly!” she answered.

“You know her?” Donny asked.

“Yeah, I met her a couple days ago! Hey, Kylie, want to get some burgers with us?” Molly asked.

“Um, no thanks, but I’ll stay if that is okay,” Kylie answered. Everybody nodded.. Kylie sat down and watched as Trent ordered four five burgers. One for himself, two for Donny, one for Molly, and one for Maria. The gang talked and laughed until their burgers were gone. When they were done, Maria yawned.

“I should probably leave,” Kylie said.

“I’ll take you home, I should take Maria home anyway,” Trent responded.

The two teens got up and left with Maria while Donny and Molly stayed.

“It sure is a beautiful night,” Kylie said.

“Yeah. Hey, I was wondering if maybe you’d want to hang out tomorrow around three?” Trent answered.

“Um, three is not a good time, but seven would do, but I got to go! See you on the beach!” Kylie shouted while running away. Trent continued his way home.

Donny stared at Molly while she talked about her trip over to Sunny Cove. Donny noticed two mosquito bites on the side of her neck.

“Yeah, my trip has been good so far. Hey, wanna hang out tomorrow night, same time?” Molly asked.

“Sure, okay. Well, I should probably go,” Donny answered.

“Okay, I should go too,” Molly said while standing up. She picked up her little lime green purse and disappeared into the night.

She walked passed the book store and the clothes shop and stopped to tie her blue sneakers by an old, dark alley.

“Molly,” a dark shadowy voice echoed into the darkness.

“What? Who’s there?” Molly quickly replied. She lifted her head and stood up. The voice once again whispered,

“Molly”. Molly looked into the alley and jumped as the same voice shouted,

“BOOOOOOOOOO,” quickly from behind her.

“Oh, Kylie, it is just you! You had me spooked!” Molly shouted. Kylie just stared. Molly became mesmerized at the sight. Kylie, her dark brown hair hanging in her face, slid two white fangs down her face and prepared for a taste. Tonight was the night. The night Molly would join her kind. Kylie edged her neck forward, and began to drink.

Trent woke up to the sound of bluebirds outside of his window. Today was the last day of school. Trent found a tan shirt on his floor. It wasn’t too dirty. He slid into some clean jeans and pulled on his sneakers. He didn’t worry about brushing his hair, I mean, it is only school, right? He grabbed his red and black backpack by the door and headed out. He shielded the sun from his eyes as he walked down the deserted road. He turned east onto “A” Street and continued to walk until he had reached his school. He tiredly sat down and waited for the day to end.

“Hello? Hello? This is Mrs. Wynn. Yeah. My daughter didn’t come home last night and I was worried. Yeah, I’ll hold,” Molly’s mother said as she walked back and forth across the kitchen of their rented cottage. Then the line picked up.

“Mrs. Wynn? Yeah, can you tell us the last time you saw your daughter?” the police asked.

“Well, let’s see. She went out to get a smoothie around five,” she answered.

“Okay, can you give us a description of your daughter, or maybe you have a photo you could bring down?”

“I have a recent school photo,” she answered.

“Okay, do you know of any friends she might have hung out with?” they asked.

“No, we are on vacation. Wait, she did mention someone named Kylie”.

“Okay, we’ll get back to you,” the police said as they hung up. Mrs. Wynn went to run a hot bath and relax.

Trent and Donny waited as the second hand of the round clock made its way around. It ticked: fifty- seven, fifty- eight, fifty- nine, RIN G!!!!!!!! Papers flew and feet scampered across the hard cement floor. Trent headed for the beach to wait for Kylie, even though by the time he got there, it was only four thirty. He got up and went to the beach shack to buy a beach towel. He got out his wallet and pulled out a five. He ordered a black towel with a white skull on it. He headed back to his spot, but a college couple took it, so he grabbed his backpack and moved. He sat down on his towel and watched as a surfer fell of his board and yell,

“Gosh! I‘ll never stay on as long as you!” Trent laid down, his arms folded behind his head. He slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After about an hour or so, Trent woke up to ice cold water being dumped on his face. He shot up like a bullet from a gun. He stared angrily into the face of Donny.

“About time you woke up!” Donny shouted.

“You JERK!” Trent shouted. He stood up and tried to brush off the water.

“Now I have to get a new shirt!” he shouted. He looked at his watch. It was nearly six.

“I only have one hour until I have to meet Kylie,” Trent shouted, “Take my bag to my house!” he said while tossing his backpack to Donny. He picked up his towel, draped it over his shoulder, and walked over to the clothes store, leaving Donny in the dust.

He entered the store and began his search through the men’s section. All of the shirts were too expensive for his budget. He decided to just buy swim trunks and a sweatshirt. (Those together were fifteen dollars less than the shirt!) The swim trunks were blue with red Hawaiian flowers on it. The sweatshirt was red and said: Sunny Cove in French script. He paid for the clothes and went into the dressing room to change. He placed his old clothes into the sack and placed the towel on his shoulder. He had been saving up for a Nintendo Wii, but he had already spent about forty dollars, and it was only six forty- eight. SIX FORTY- EIGHT! Trent ran down the street and back onto the beach. He laid his towel flat on the ground at waited. He tried not to lay down, because he knew he would fall asleep.

He waited fifteen minutes until a flock of bats came screeching in. They flew across the dark, purple sky. Trent closed his eyes. Two picked up a little Chihuahua and carried it away, its bark of help echoing into the night. One bat was tangled in a blonde girl’s hair, her boyfriend was trying to get it out. Then, out of no where, all of the bats were gone, and when Trent opened his eyes, the beach was crowded.

From behind Trent, Kylie and Molly stood waiting. Trent turned around and gasped, for the sight startled him.

“Molly, don’t you have some where else to be right now?” Kylie said, giving Molly the ”leave” treatment. Molly stuck her tongue out at Kylie turned around, and left. Trent stared at Kylie who was wearing a leather mini skirt, black flip-flops, a red silk shirt that showed her shoulders, and a red headband. She was wearing red lip stick and black eye shadow. Trent couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“Do you think it’s too much?” Kylie asked.

“N-no,” Trent answered, his mouth hanging open. Trent stood up and began to walk to a deserted part of the beach. On the way to it, they talked about their personal lives, like family and school.

When they got to a deserted part of the beach, Kylie asked one very, very serious question.

“Trent, do, do, do you love me?” Trent didn’t answer.

“It’s cool if you don’t want to answer,” Kylie said.

“It’s not that I don’t want to answer, it’s just that, well, I’m shocked by the question, but I have to answer honestly, yes, but, do you love me?” he asked. To answer, Kylie sat down her leather purse and wrapped her arms around Trent’s neck. She leaned in forward and looked directly into his brown eyes. She moved her head to the side of his, and let her fangs slide down her face. She drew herself forward and bit the side of his neck. The nectar, the blood tasted so good. She was so thirsty. She was tempted to drink all of his blood and leave his body for someone else. I mean, what was one more dead guy, but she knew she couldn’t. She knew that if too many bodies turned up, people would get suspicious and leave Sunny Cove and there would be no more nectar. She had to take little drinks. She lifted her head and licked the blood off of her fangs. Two more nights. Two more nights until he became one of her kind. She just needed two more nights alone. Just two.

Just then, Donny came up with Molly. Kylie noticed two little marks on Donny’s neck. Molly had gotten nectar tonight too. Trent rubbed his eyes and looked up. He also noticed Donny and Molly.

“We should get going,” Molly said, but before Kylie could agree, Tasha and Brynn came jogging up. They had also met Kylie and Molly.

“Oh yeah, I forgot! I promised Tasha and Brynn that I would hang out with them. See you tomorrow, same time?” Kylie asked Trent. Trent nodded and Kylie and Molly walked off with Brynn and Tasha. As they approached the mob, Molly got a conversation going, well, it was her who was going.

“Kylie and I should REALLY get going now,” she said.

“You can go if you want to, but I am staying here. Molly walked away angry.

“I should probably go to, but you can hang out with Tasha,” Brynn said. They all waved goodbye and Brynn began to walk home. It was nearly midnight when all of the parties were clear, which was amazing since most parties there were all nighters.

The town was quiet. Kylie led Tasha into a dark alley and told her it was a shortcut to her house. Kylie began to slow down and let her fangs reveal them selves. She crept up behind Tasha and began to drink. She was just about to let go when Molly snuck up in bat form. She startled Kylie, and Kylie drank more and more and more. She continued to drink even when Molly flew into Kylie’s hair. She drank more until Tasha let out a big grown. Kylie let go and gasped. Molly returned to human form.

“You made me kill her!” Kylie shouted.

“You’re the one who wouldn’t let go!” Molly argued.

“Why wouldn’t you just leave me be?” Kylie exclaimed.

“Because I didn’t want you to get more nectar than me! Don’t you think I am thirsty too, and watching you just drink and drink made me angry! But now there is no more nectar for me! You drained her cold!” Molly yelled.

“Well we can’t just sit here and get caught!” Kylie said while turning into bat form. Molly did the same and they flew away.

The next day, sirens were flying all over the place. Trent ran to see what all of the commotion was. He stared as the police headed quickly into an alley. The stopped and examined something, Trent couldn’t tell what it was. He pushed his way to the front of the crowd to see Tasha’s body being zipped up into a black bag. Trent gasped and ran away.

As he waited on the cold beach for Kylie, he thought about the previous day. It was so weird that the person that he met yesterday was dead. He rubbed his head. Trent stood up, and began walking until he saw Kylie walk up to him, happily, and said,

“Hey have you seen Tasha?” Trent just stared at her nervously.

“You haven’t heard the news yet?” Trent asked.

“No what news?” Kylie said, her purple frilly skirt blowing in the wind. Trent walked up and grasped Kylie’s hand tightly.

“Where did you and Tasha go last night?” he asked.

“We split at midnight. I don’t know where she went! Where’s Tasha?” Kylie screamed, releasing her hand from Trent’s grip. Trent grabbed her hands again, but with more fierce this time.

“Kylie”, Trent said weirdly, “Tasha died last night. The police found her body this morning. It was weird. It was like she was drained. It was so creepy!” Kylie just stared sorrowfully as the moonlight hit her pale face.

“Kylie, did you hear me?” he asked.

“I heard you, but I just don’t believe it,” she answered. Kylie slowly pushed her hair back out of her eyes. She grabbed Trent’s hand and they began to walk. It was ten fifty- eight. Nobody said a word for a long time until Trent spoke,

“Well, maybe, since this is awkward, we should ’till tomorrow to hang out”. Kylie couldn’t let Trent leave without getting a drink, so she quickly dropped her handbag, leaned him back in her arms, her fangs slipping out, and bit. She heard footsteps! She quickly turned around to see Donny walking up with Molly. She dropped Trent and ran behind a large rock. Did Donny see her sucking his blood?

“Who was that? Trent are you okay?” Donny said while running to Trent’s side. Trent opened his eyes and rubbed his eyes while asking,

“What happened?”

“I don’t know dude. Were you here with anybody?” Donny asked.

“I can’t remember,” Trent said while looking down. He saw Kylie’s handbag. He picked it up and said,

“Kylie! I was here with Kylie! Where is she? Is she okay?”

“I didn’t see Kylie. I saw someone though. It might have been Kylie. I couldn’t make out the face. Are you sure your okay?” Donny answered.

“Yeah, I’m fine, dude!” Trent said, pushing Donny of off him. Molly came running up. I should go find Kylie, she was staying at my house tonight. Bye,” she said blowing Donny a kiss. Molly headed behind the large boulder. Kylie was hidden.

“Did they see me?” Kylie asked.

“Luckily, no,” Molly answered.
“Did you get nectar tonight?”

“Yes, a long drink. Just enough to keep him living. Oh, it tasted soooooo good!” Molly whispered, knowing the boys were still on the other side.

“Stop tempting me! You know that I only got enough to count for one night. Two second drink. I’m still thirsty. Come with me to find more victims?” Kylie asked. Molly nodded. They turned to bat form and flew to find people.

“Hello? I called yesterday about my daughter, Molly. Did you find her?” Mrs. Wynn asked.

“Oh, yes, Mrs. Wynn. I am so sorry to say this, but the only traces of a ’Kylie’ we found was six years ago. She came on vacation with her family. About five days after arrival, she disappeared mysteriously. Hello? Hello? Mrs. Wynn? Mrs. Wynn are you still there? Hello?” the police officer asked. Mrs. Wynn stared into thin air and dropped the phone down onto the bed, still staring.

Sirens once again filled the air. Trent wasn’t usually a morning person, but couldn’t find the need of sleep. He followed a cop car on his red bicycle. Police and mobs of horrified people filled Cherry Road. Trent hopped off of his bike and elbowed his way past many people in tears, including Donny.

“Donny, what’s wrong?” Trent asked. Donny was too shocked to speak, so he just turned Trent’s head. Trent gasped when he saw the sight.

“Donny, I’m so sorry, I- I didn’t know, I, I didn’t know.,” Trent said. Trent patted Donny’s back and said,

“It’s alright buddy,” for Donny’s sister, Nicohle, and her best friend Lizzy were laying, dead, drained on the ground. Brynn then came walking up. She was on the paper and went to take pictures.

“Hey Trent. Hey Donny. Have you seen Kylie? I haven’t seen her since-” She cut off.

“Since Tasha died.” Brynn felt a tear roll down her cheek. She wiped it off and said,

“Sorry, it’s just that Tasha and I, we were just best friends. She was like a sister to me.” Just then, Donny slowly began to speak up.

“Well, she is my sister,” he said pointing.

“No, Brynn, I haven’t seen Kylie,” Trent said getting back on subject.

“Okay, I should probably get back to work,” Brynn said, turning around to leave. She disappeared into the crowd. Cameras flashed all over. Trent took Donny out of the crowd.

“I can’t believe that Nicohle is dead. I- I just can’t,” he said.

“You should go home, dude. I’d walk you home, but I rode my bike. Never mind. I’ll walk my bike to your house,” Trent responded.

“I can’t go on my date tonight. Too much just happened.”

“I’ll get a hold of Molly when I go out with Kylie tonight. Well, unless you want me to stay.”

“No dude. I don’t want to ruin your night.”

“Donny, I would want someone to talk to if Maria died. Do you want me to stay?”

“No, really. You go have fun okay.”

“Fine, do you want me to walk you home?”

“No, you go pick out something nice for your date.” And with those words, Donny left. Trent could not believe that Nicohle was dead. He hopped onto his bike and rode home. He was just dropping off his bike when he smelled his mother cooking bacon. He hadn’t ate breakfast, but he had to find Kylie. It was only ten thirty, and he knew that Kylie only came out at night.

That’s odd, Trent thought, but he pulled himself out of his fantasy and back into the real world. He parked his bike by the hose and ran off. He ran to the beach, for he knew that Kylie loved to hang out there. As he entered the abandoned section of the beach, he stopped to catch his breath.

I wonder why nobody comes here, Trent thought to himself. He could hear a couple of drunk teenagers a couple of meters away. This was one of the best places on the beach. The crystal blue water. The waves just big enough to sweep your feet. The soft white sand covered in pink seashells. The crisp air was just so perfect, and yet, nobody came here. He remembered Nicohle coming here one time to show Donny and him where she had found a dead bat. That was many, many years ago though. The bat was shriveled and gray, not like other bats on Sunny Cove.

Where could Kylie be? She never told me where she lived. I have to find her! Trent thought. He wanted to call Donny, but he knew that he was supposed to find Molly. Then he realized, Death Cave!!!!

He thought, Death Cave is on the highest point in Sunny Cove! Sunny Cove is not a big town, so I should be able to see everything and everyone!! Then he exclaimed,

“Of course!!!!!!!!” He ran past the drunk teenagers. He ran past the clothing store and Bobby’s Burgers, smelling the greasy patties. He ran until he came to the bottom of Death Mountain. Death Cave was two or three miles up. He shook all nerve out of his body and began to climb. The trail was only a couple feet up. As he steadily stood upon the rough trail, he wondered if he was really going to climb the steepest mountain in Sunny Cove to find a girl that he could talk to at night.

He held out his arms and began to walk. He walked and walked slowly until he tripped over a large boulder. Well, it wasn’t too large. He fell with a plop when he realized he was in front of Death Cave.

I made great time, he thought. He stood up, brushed of his pants and began to walk over the edge of the cave. As he stood with one foot in, one foot out, he noticed the complete blackness. It was so dark, it almost looked like a portal to a different world. He snapped his fingers and wished he had brought his heavy duty black flashlight.

From inside the cave, he heard giggling. The voices sounded familiar. Like he had heard them recently. Then he realized who they belonged to.

“Kylie! Molly! I found them! I wonder why they are in here!” he said. Then he cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled,

“KYLIE! MOLLY! Are you in there?” The giggling stopped. The air fell silent. The only sound was a blue bird chirping in the distance. He called again,

“KYLIE!!! MOLLY!!!!” Still no answer. He built up some courage and quietly stepped into the cave. He walked slowly, using the tip of his foot to lead the way . As he got further into the cave, he heard Molly’s voice whisper,

“Do you think he’s gone?” Then he heard Kylie say,

“I think.” Then they began to chat freely, not knowing that Trent was listening.

“So, do you think people are getting suspicious? I mean about the deaths?” Kylie asked after a long pause. Molly didn’t answer.


“Oh, sorry. I was thinking about my mom. She must be worried sick. I can’t even go there at night because she’ll make me stay. I can’t believe what you did to me! I thought you were my friend! I trusted you and you turned-” Molly was interrupted.

“I had to have nectar, and besides, we can be friends now. We have no secrets, well, besides the fact that I haven’t been alive for six years! Any way, do you think that people are getting suspicious?”

“No. Well, maybe. Do you think Trent knows about Maria?” That got his attention.

“No. He hasn’t been acting weird or anything. Oh, I can’t wait! Should we make her one of us or suck her dry?”

“Suck her dry! It takes less time!”

“And think of this! Tonight, on our date, Trent will be one of us!”

“Same with me and Donny!”

“I can’t wait until the sun goes down! I have waited sooooooooooo long! And after Trent is out of the way, he can say goodbye to little Maria!” Trent gasped and Molly and Kylie looked his way. He was down behind a rock. Did they see him?

When Trent was pretty sure that nobody was looking, he got up and ran. Ran out of the cave, not even feeling for rocks or holes. When he was out, he put his hands on his knees and started gathering his breath?

That couldn’t have been Kylie and Molly! They must have been talking about another Trent and another Maria! They couldn’t have meant us! Trent told himself over and over as he ran down the mountain, but he knew that it was them. He heard Kylie say “Molly”. He glanced at his watch. It was almost lunch hour and he hadn’t even had breakfast. He decided to go to Bobby’s Burgers.

He sat down and waited for someone to take his order. Finally, after fifteen minutes, a geek with a face of freckles, black glasses with tape around them, a greasy apron, and bright orange hair came up and said,

“May I take your order, sir?” slowly and in a western accent.

“It’s about time- Billy” Trent shouted reading Billy‘s name tag. He responded slowly,

“There’s no reason to be rude, sir.”

“Oh, forget you! I’ll have a double Bobby Burger, a medium onion ring, and a large coke.” Billy wrote down his order and left.

About another fifteen minutes passed when Billy came back carrying a large red tray full of food. Billy sat the tray down and handed Trent the bill. Trent looked at it and exclaimed,

“Seventeen eighty- eight? Oh well.” And with that, Billy walked away.

“Mrs. Wynn? It’s important. It’s about your daughter. You have to call us back immediately!” The answering machine clicked off. After hiding from the message, she picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1. It rang three times.

“Hello, Sunny Cove police department. What is your emergency?”

“Um, yes, I’m Mrs. Wynn. You just called me about Molly, my daughter.”

“Ah, yes, Mrs. Wynn. Have you seen the fliers we put up?”


“Well, someone reported your daughter. His name is Donny Thompson. He reported it yesterday, but we could not get a hold of you. He said that he has been going out with your daughter for almost a week. Hello? Mrs. Wynn?”

“Where can I find this boy?”

“I can’t tell you. Besides, he probably isn’t in the mood to talk anyway. His sister was found dead today.”

“I don’t care if his mother was found dead today! Where can I find this boy?”

“Fine. He lives at 6385 Oak Avenue.”

“Thank you.” And with that, she hung up, grabbed her coat and car keys and headed out the door. She slammed the door of the red 2000 Ford and pressed down on the gas. She was going thirty miles over the speed limit. The speed was increasing so much, that she almost couldn’t stop at the stoplight. As she turned left onto Oak Avenue, she slowed. She quietly spoke to herself,

“6009, 6014, 6145, 6198, 6276, 6385!” She slammed on the brakes and pulled over to the curb. She unbuckled her seatbelt and stepped out of the car. She took a deep breath thinking,

Have I really found my daughter? She began to tread up to the porch, the clank clank of her tan heels scratching the dry pavement. As she approached the wooden door, she look a big breath. She stuck out her hand made a knock, kn- kn- knock knock sound on the door. She heard footsteps coming closer and closer.

The door squeaked open and a tired voice echoed throughout the air.

“Hello?” it said, slowly and glumly.

“I’m looking for Donny Thompson,” Mrs. Wynn said. That got his attention.

“Why do you need Donny?” the voice said, suddenly deep.

“He reported that he had seen my daughter, Molly.” The door swung fully open, almost knocking Mrs. Wynn off of the steps.

“Did you say Molly?” he asked.

“Yes, my daughter.”

“I’m Donny. Will you come in? My parents aren‘t home right now.” Mrs. Wynn entered the house. It was filthy. There was clothed scattered all over the house, cupboards were open, the food fallen on the floor, and there were raisins scattered all over.

Raisins don’t move! she thought.

Donny pushed a bag of popcorn onto the floor and sat down. He asked Mrs. Wynn if she would like a seat.

“I- I’ll stand. The police said that you have seen my daughter. Where are my manners? I am so sorry about your sister.”

“It’s okay. Yeah, I was just hanging out with Molly yesterday.”

“My daughter has been missing for about four days!”

“If I see her tomorrow, I’ll walk her to your house. What is your address?”

“I live in one of the vacation cabins. Number six.”

“Okay, you should go. My parents will be home soon.”

“Thank you,” was all she said, and she got up and left.

Trent could not stop thinking about what he had heard. He headed to the library to research vampires. They were the only thing that he could think of, given the information he heard. He sat down at a teen computer and typed in, www.google.com. When the site appeared, he typed in vampires. He clicked on the first link.

Some people believe in vampires as a myth, or a cruel Halloween joke, but we are here to say that they are real. The sun is their mortal enemy. One step into it and they sizzle to death. Another common way to kill them is a wooden stake to the heart.

They suck the blood from their victims. Three days and the victim becomes an immortal one. If they drink to much at once, the victim dies. The vampires live in dark places where they can rest during daylight hours and come out at night to feast. They also take the form of bat. VAMPIRES ARE INDEED REAL!!!!!!!!!

Trent knew then that Kylie and Molly were vampires. He got out of the library and ran down the street.

Kylie and Molly are vampires! They will make me one tonight! Not unless I stop them, kill them. Then they are planning to kill Maria! I have to protect her! Tell her to keep her light on! Tell her to hide or something! Trent told himself. He ran to his house.

“Maria! Maria? Mom, where’s Maria?” Trent asked. It was two o’clock.

“She’s at the beach for a birthday party.” He ran out of the house without saying goodbye. He jumped on his bike because his legs were tired of running. He pedaled so fast, he almost fell off. As he approached the beach, he jumped off his bike, landing face first into the ground. He stood up, watching his bike fall with a plop. He didn’t care. All he cared about was finding Maria. He searched up and down, left and right. All he could see was teenagers. It was two fifteen. Vampires aren’t out yet. Or are they? He looked around. Everything flashed red, then black. Red. Now black. Inside, he heard screams. Not any scream, a high pitched scream. A high, high pitched scream. He covered his ears with his hands and cried out. LOUDLY. Everybody stared. Trent looked embarrassed.

“I got stung,” Trent lied. He thought when he figured it out.

Maria isn’t here, but mom said she was. They could have memorized another victim to bring Maria to them. To the darkness, he thought. He hopped on his bike, knowing where to go. He pedaled and pedaled. He pedaled until he came to the bottom of the mountain. He jumped off, landing on his feet, and began to run. As he came to the opening, sarcastically yelled,

“Here I am, Trent, looking for my book I left.” He entered. The sun cast a little light in now. He walked, glad to lightly see his path. He recognized the spot. He was hiding behind this rock. He looked up and screamed. Maria was lying on the ground, dead. He ran to her and picked her up. He began to cry. Just then, Kylie snuck up, and took a bite. Trent screamed! He knew it was too late. He couldn’t stop them from hurting Maria, and now, he was one of them. Kylie let go, a smile on her face. Trent screamed again, but not in pain, of fury. He still held Maria close, not wanting to believe she was dead. He had to stop them before, before they could hurt someone else. Someone like Donny. He glared at Kylie.

“Who?” He asked.

“Who what?” She answered, glad that she didn’t have to pretend to love him anymore.

“Who did you mezmorize to bring Maria here?”

“You. Don’t you remember?” Trent glared, mouth open.

“Earlier today. You came inside. You couldn’t see us, but we sure could see you. That’s when it happened.”

“I don’t remember bringing her here!”

“Right after it happened, you left. You told her you were taking her to get icecream and told your mom she was going to a birthday paty. You brought her here and then you went behind the rock. You were back to mormal, you ran away, leaving Maria in our trap.”

“You monster!” It was three forty-five. Another two hours and the sun would be down. He would be able to protect Donny.

Kylie laughed and left.

“I’m sorry about Maria,” Molly said,” I didn’t want to, it’s just that, I was so thirsty and Donny will join us tonight.”

“No he won’t. Those two girls you killed, well one of them was his sister. He told me to tell you he wouldn’t make it,” Trent answered.

“But I need nectar!”

“I think you’ve had your share for the day!”

“Actually, Kylie drank it all. I tried to stop her, but well, she wouldn’t listen. She’s kind of, my boss. I would do anything to destroy her.”


“Yes! I miss my old life. I’ll never graduate! She ruined my life!”

“Here’s what we do, tonight, we strike. The weather says that we’ll have a bad storm tonight. When we go out for nectar, we get her to go into the old theatre. Tell her boys go there to meet girls or something. When she’s there, we’ll get rained in for the night, and in the morning, we push her into the sun!”

“Won’t we get hit with sunshine too?”

“That’s right. What do we do then?” That’s when Molly and Trent looked at each other. They knew exactly what to do. They relaxed and waited for the sun to set and for the white moon to rise in the dark sky.

As soon as the sun went down, Kylie came out wearing the same leather outfit that she wore for him.

She doesn’t like to waste any time, Trent thought. As she neared the exit of the cave, She poofed into bat form and flew away. Molly and Trent stayed behind, but they soon flew away. They entered the beach behind some rocks so nobody could see them. They stepped out. Molly was wearing a cute lime green shirt with a jaguar black skirt. He was just waering a Tee and a pair of dirty jeans. They walked along the beach, searching for the right person. Finally, Trent gasped.

“Donny? What are you doing here?” he asked. Donny turned around and answered,

“I thought you probably forgot to tell Molly, so I decided to come.”

“Dude, will you do me a favor?”

“I guess. I’m still kind of upset, but you’re my best friend. What is it?”

“Keep Kylie outside until daylight.”

“Dude, That’s like thirteen hours!”

“I know, but please! I’m begging you! I’ll do anything! I’ll, I’ll do your homework for the whole year next semester!”

“Hmmmmm, DEAL!!!!!!!!!” he answered, shaking Trent’s hand.

“I’ll go find her,” Trent said walking away with Molly. Donny tried to get Molly’s attention, but she ignored him. When they were far away, Trent said,

“I feel bad about lying to Donny, I mean, I can’t do his homework! I’m dead!”

“You don’t know how hard it was to not take the last drink, but I know that he’s your friend and that you’re trying to protect him. I’ll get nectar from another victim,” Molly said. The saw Kylie hitting on another bald guy that looked like he was twice her age.

“Kylie, come here!” Trent called out. She gave an annoyed look, but walked over to the teens.


“Um, Molly doesn’t want Donny any more so you can have him!” Trent said.


“Wait while we go get him.” They ran off. Kylie crossed her arms and waited.

“Donny,” Trent said, “What ever you do, don’t let Kylie close to you, just make sure that she stays out until the sun comes up. Hand cuff her to something or whatever, just make sure she stays outside until the sun is up.”

“Okay,” he answered slowly. Trent ran and got Kylie.

“Hello Donny,” Kylie said. Donny waved. Molly and Trent left.

“I don’t care if I die, I’m not killing people for their blood. So many lives have already been lost. That Chihuahua, Tasha, Nicohle, Lizzy, you, me, and Maria. That’s seven lives too many,” Trent said. Molly began to look sad.

Just then, they heard a shriek.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Trent shouted as he stared upon Kylie, biting into Donny’s flesh.

How could she do this out in the open? How did Donny let her become close. How could he be death eight? Trent thought. He ran to Donny, who was just growing fangs.

“I knew it!” Brynn shouted, running up with a hammer, stake, and a camera around her neck, “There was no other way all of those people could be drained I knew it!” Kylie looked out in shock. Did she not realize what she had done in the open? Did she not realize that Donny would shout, causing a distraction? Of course she did. She wanted people to know. She would run away just in time. As people stared in horror, she would make her move. The move to kill more innocent victims.

Trent placed his hand on Brynn’s shoulder to stop her from running.

“Brynn, Kylie is a vampire. Donny is now too. You’ll, you’ll,” he stopped. He didn’t want her killing Donny. But how could he phrase it without giving the message? He had already said Donny was dead.

“You kill Kylie, I’ll get Donny, he is my friend, I can deal with him.”

“But he’ll bite you and you’ll become one of them.”

Too late, he thought.

“It takes vampires three days to kill their victims. Hurry, Brynn.” They ran off. He stopped in front of Donny and yelled,

“Run, hurry.” Then he continued to watch Brynn kill Kylie. He watched and smiled. He couldn’t wait. He couldn’t wait until Kylie was dead, until the deaths had stopped, well, most of them. Until he could rule the sky until he dies again from thirst. He would not kill anybody. Would he? Could he stop himself from causing death?

Brynn raised the stake high in one hand and the hammer in the other. She would kill Kylie from behind. She lowered them just as Kylie moved. She used her bat senses to know Brynn was behind her. She knocked Brynn to the ground. Brynn still struggled to kill Kylie. Kylie swooped and knocked the stake out of her hand. Brynn was helpless. Kylie sunk her head low and began to drink. Trent couldn’t stand it. He ran over and grabbed the stake. He grabbed the hammer from Brynn’s helpless hand. He held them above his head and plunged down until it entered Kylie’s skin. She cried out. Her beautiful brown hair fell out. Then her Eyes melted away, and her skin, slowly and painfully turned to ash. All that was left was a pile of clothes. Brynn slowly opened her eyes. She had not been killed.

“What happened?” She asked. Trent explained the story as Donny and Molly came running up. As did Mrs. Wynn.

“Molly! I thought I’d never see you again,” she shouted. Molly glared at her mother, knowing what she had to do. She edged forward, as to hug her mother, but instead, she plunged her white fangs into her mother’s neck. She covered her mother’s mouth with her hand so nobody could here her screams of terror. Finally, Mrs. Wynn dropped dead. Molly wiped the blood off of her mouth, then licked it. She drug her mother behind a rock and walked back to Trent.

“Molly, I thought you weren’t going to do that anymore!” Trent shouted angrily.

“I was so thirsty. There is not enough blood to go around anymore!” and with that, she swiped the stake and plunged into Donny’s heart.

“That’s one more vampire that doesn’t need blood,” she said, “And your next!” She came running for Trent.

“You’re a mad woman!” It was nearly nine. Most parties had started by then, so all the alive vampires and Brynn ran to the deserted part of the beach. Molly still came for him.

“Molly, if you kill all of the vampires, the more likely you’ll get caught and killed!” he shouted.

“Oh, your right,” she said, dropping the weapons. She ran over and hugged Trent.

“I’m sorry about Donny, but there is someone here who isn’t a vampire!” she shouted.

“Actually, there’s two,” Brynn yelled. Trent answered,

“No Brynn, there’s only one.” Brynn looked confused.

“I- I’m a, a vampire,” Trent said glumly, sliding his fangs down. Brynn looked in horror.

“And since you know the secret, you must die!” Molly screamed, running towards her. Trent tried to stop her, but he was too late. Kylie had drank most of Brynn’s blood, and now, Molly had drank the rest. Brynn was dead. Trent had to stop this NOW! She ran, picked up the hammer and stake and plunged it deep into her heart, so deep, it went all the way through. Molly looked sad at him, then faded to ash. He had did it. He had killed Kylie. He had killed Molly. Molly just wanted Kylie out of the way. Trent would not kill anybody. Would he?

He walked to the partying part of the beach. Everyone was having a good time. He saw a beautiful slender blonde and he slid his fangs down. He stepped towards her and bit. Screams were heard, especially when the blonde dropped down dead. He headed for another, then another, until there were six dead bodies on the ground. It was one in the morning. He still had time to kill more.

No Trent, you have to stop. You don’t kill people! he told himself, even though he knew he was lying. He headed into town and brought back people on a double date. He said the beach was romantic, but on the now deserted beach, his fangs slid down and he bit. By five in the morning, he had killed fifteen people. Everyone had run to the safe comfort of their homes. Well, there was a big party going on close to him. He wandered to it. He looked for the perfect victim it turned six o’clock. He had lost track of time! The sun rose and he yelled out in pain. Holes of light burst out through him. He screamed until he had burst into flames. People screamed, but finally, he turned to ash, and the ash scattered away with the wind, heading into the sunrise.

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