A Mistake Made

April 3, 2012
By maddimoo13 BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
maddimoo13 BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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All I can do now is sit back and try to understand it all. Why did it have to happen? Who could have seen it coming? Why did it have to do with my life? I decided that I needed to calm down, so after getting a chilled Pepsi from the fridge, I sat in my large, soft recliner. I turned on the television, but I wished that I hadn’t. The channel that I was on showed how much damage the tornado caused in my hometown of White Cloud, Kansas. Tears were rolling down my face my face as I remember all the memories I had there. The worst one continues to replay in my mind. I remembered as if it were yesterday, but, in reality, it was six years ago. It was summer time and I was having a fight with my mother.

With tears rolling down my mother’s face, she asked, “Why do you have to move so far away? The college in-state is fine, and we would be closer.”

I let the truth come out. “For the twenty-second time, It’s because I hate my life here. I hate being in this stupid small town! Most of all, I hate being here with you! I want to make something of my life instead of wasting it here.” I remember I was yelling as loudly as I possibly could. I didn't even care if it hurt my mother to hear me say it. I was tired of her. After that, I left for Seattle, Washington. I bought a new phone and didn’t tell her where I was going or how she could contact me because I didn't want her to. We haven’t talked since and after seeing all the damage from the tornado, I feel guilty for how I just ended it all and left. I remember when I was seven, how my mother protected me from everything. She was the one that was always there. I loved her for that. More tears pushed through my eyes as I remembered that all she did was try to help. She didn't even do anything! It was all my fault.

Now I remember all the places in that small town. The ice cream store, the gas station, and the little pizza place where all the people knew me and treated me like their own. They loved me like my mother did, and, after all they did for me, I left without even a single goodbye. How could I be a more selfish person? I decided that the only way to make things better is to go back to the town and to apologize to everyone if I still can. I packed my stuff and left my small apartment in Seattle. I looked ahead at the long trip in front of me.

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