February 3, 2008
By Franklin Preuninger, Burleson, TX

I’m doctor Fitzgerald and I’m here to tell those of the future to never mess with a highly deadly man-made disease. It started in my lab in Germany we called the disease the x-disease. It would turn people crazy and make them bleed to death. The worst part is it got out my assistant took some samples and released it into the air. When he did this he caused a world wide epidemic. I didn’t learn of this until people in Spain got sick then I knew immediately it got out but, I didn’t figure it was my assistant until he told me he released it. I nearly killed him for this because the x-disease is incurable nothing could stop it. But some how only 93% got it how could 7% not get it. Then it hit me they were immune to the disease. So I called some up to come to my lab for blood analysis. When I looked at their blood the only thing I saw was they were immune to the black plague OF COURSE the x-disease is based off the black plague. So I made an antidote for the x-disease then I had my partners go to different countries and give them the antidote but only after they had the shot and, to report any thing that happened. With in a weeks time I got reports that the antidote killed the disease as soon as it took effect. I had killed the disease then I blew up my lab in Germany never to re turn. This is my message use the knowledge I’ve given you and use it to your advantage.

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