Why Kite Why?

February 3, 2008
By Davina Huntwork, Bremerton, WA

Why are people born if they are just going to die? Why do people have to die? Why did he have to die?

Kite was my big brother, he was the best. He didn’t treat my like other brothers treat their siblings, he rarely yelled at me, he played and always took care of me without complaining when mama or dad asked him to.

One day Kite was playing out front with me. He was showing me how to shoot a basketball. He’s really good at shooting. Not like me. When I finally got the ball to go to the net, it hit the backboard then it went down the street. I started to run after it, Kite was yelling at me to be careful and started to run after me.

Mama says that Kite was a good big brother and very brave, because he protected me from the car, or at least tired, is what the doctor said. He said I won’t ever be able to walk on my left leg again.

Yesterday mama was screaming at the doctor that he could have saved Kite. Dad tried to calm her down, but it wasn’t working. Because she started to scream at me and say that it was my fault

I’m sorry mama; please don’t be mad at me. Don’t cry, please don’t cry. I’ll always do as you say and behave. So, please mama, don’t be mad. Don’t be mad at me, mama. I’m so sorry.

Kite, why did you have to go? Now I’m all alone. Mama’s mad at me and dad won’t look at me anymore. The only time he’ll talk to me is when he thinks I’m sleeping, then he just apologizes for mama or talks about when we were smaller.

Kite, why did you have to die? Why do people die? Why are people born if they are just going to die?

Why? Why? Why!

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