Harold and Nic

February 21, 2008
By Nicolaus Friedman, Discovery Bay, CA

Then Nic bolted into the super car, Ken is what they call the car. It was silver with an

chrome outlined and to the naked eye it looked like an ordinary 4-Runner but it was the

Lamborghini of all 4-Runners.

As Nic was cruising down the street of Discovery Bay he was thinking about were the

evil Captain Jack’s layer and then it hit him... Harold was being held at the marina.

“How could I forget that the evil Captain Jack would hold Harold in the marina, I am

saying that me an Harold are not strong swimmers and that is they exact place were he held

Methman, Cyclone, and the beautiful Hayson.” Nic said while he was weaving in an out of


See hayson was a girl that Nic has had a crush on for a long time but he knows he can’t

be with her because that would put her in great danger. But Nic was always saving her from

Captain jack because he knows that he deeply cares about her. He was all so protecting her from

her abusive husband, see she married her high school sweet heart witch was the best idea as she

found out in the long run. But that is a love that will never happen it put her in too great of a risk.

As Nic was pulling up to the marina he noticed Jacks men surrounding the whole outside

so that the only way he could get threw was if he beat one up and took his stuff with out anybody

even noticing him. So now he call himself a “Jacker” is what he calls it.

Nic slyly crawled over towards one of the guards using the bushes to protect him then he

went right behind him choking him by putting his hands over his mouth.

Witch made him slowly pass out, then he broke his neck. After he was done torturing the guy

then he drug the guy into an empty ally on the side off the rode. Then he put the Jacker clothes

over his own clothes to use to use as an costume.

While this was all happening Harold just woken up from that knock out shot he took and

was trying to remember everything that happened. He realized that there was about five Jacker

surrounding him and that he was in this dark room that sounded like he was in the middle of the

delta because all these waves seemed like they were hitting the ceiling. But it also seemed like

there was a party going on right on top of him. Then it hit him, he was in Plaxco bay.

See Plaxco bay was a party place were teenagers so they could get away and just drink an

have fun. The thing is that it is usually packed so it is going to be hard for Nic to get out there

and then find Harold, an also be able to save him. Defiantly if he was in a building that was

under the beach there was about no way Nic could fine him. The only way Harold could get out

is if he went an found Nic.

So he decided to make his move but the only thing was that he had his hands tied behind

his back so the only way he could beat these guys would that he would have to do it with no

hands. So Harold jumped up and swung his chair at one of the guys braking the guys nose by

catching him with the leg of the chair catching the guy right on the nose. Then he slide back on

the chair kicking one of the guys right in the face, knocking him out.

Then another guy tried to pull a knife on Harold but by doing that somehow Harold

managed to have cut his hands free instead of cutting him. Then Harold was finally free and it

was just him verse three Jacker.

One of the Jacker ran at him and Harold threw him on the ground, broke his arm and took

the knife out of his hand and slit his throat. Then there was two jacker left and then they both

attacked him but this surprised Harold and one of the Jacker grabbed him by the arm from his

back side and held him down on the grown. While another one put a knife to his throat and

said,”these will be your last words you’ll ever hear.”

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