Rebel Control

April 3, 2012
Spewing venomous lyrics to poison your youth while i fatten up on their praises. Let my music seep into the minds of of your youth. Hazardous flow of toxic melodies screaming the uneventful truth to the bleeding ears of the zombies; your children. Hypnotizing views capture them to their rebellions. "Let me be me", they'll scream as their words tie the nooses around your necks. My razors will dig deep into their veins, and into their blood streams i go! Like meth, pure and deadly, I'll swim deep like a fish in the river of life. I will march them onward into the black rose parade of the apocalypse. Your own grievances will dig and twist the knife into your heart as you salt your wounds. Your judgement will burn you in the same ditch you died in. Fall again and i will show you the way to your graves. Float about upon my symphony, and ride it like a wave to the end of this world. This is your ending, Claim it now! Loud and proud! Now look at what I've become. Look at what I've done.

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