Battle Scars: The Commencement

February 14, 2008
By Elyas Waziri, Milpitas, CA

BZZT! BZZT! The classroom’s electrical cords went. I, the Master, entered the room minutes ago and mass murdered all the Rotskin aliens who had invaded this school.
“Master N!” a scout reported to me. “This was a decoy by the Rotskins.”
“Then we must find out what they are doing!!!” I said.

My name, I have no name. The N in Master (the highest rank in the CIS) N
means Not Known but I liked to be called Altair. I am called this because I came from the top of a mountain and I didn’t have a memory of who I was, where I came from or what I was doing here. All I could remember were that I came in a strange pod and that I had horrible visions of the Rotskins, that they were after me and they were slaughtering people. I was 3 when was found by a general, or rather I found him, high up in the Himalayas. He was also a Master from the CIS (as I am now) and he was sent to check out a meteor that hit Mt. Everest. I guess that he meant my pod. He was cold and wounded so I helped him out by giving him food that came in my pod. I had then dragged him in the pod so he would stay warm. Somehow he was cold and I wasn’t. I have a hunch it must have been my suit. When he was healthy, he called the government to come pick me and him up. He didn’t tell them that the meteor was actually my very own pod but he took me as an orphan and he adopted me for he wasn‘t married and had no children. As I grew up he taught me how to use weapons for defense and he wished I would become a master like him someday. And here I am today. A master that has been in many wars and have succeeded. Only it was fighting against humans. This time it’s different. It’s war with aliens who have destroyed all of our technology so they can survive. The year, 2532.

I told my scout to bring paramedics for the people and to get clean-up. The scout
left immediately with no questions asked. When he left I heard a faint voice. It was close.
I looked down on the floor to find out it was a Rotskin head. My scout came with the paramedics and clean up to help the people. I had picked his head up carefully and took it outside. As soon as I took it out of the special bag I put it in, it replied sharply, “We shall destroy your pitiful world and destroy you. There’s also a special thing about you. You’re not a human and both your home planet and family have been destroyed by us.” Then suddenly there was a beeping in the background and I then knew it was a bomb. I threw it as soon as I could and in mid air there was a tiny Splat! His head had exploded. After knowing it wasn’t a bomb and searching for any remains of why it exploded, I found out he had a self-destruct chip in his brain that could be activated by a single push of a button. He died by his leader because he had said too much already. Now to have known that I am an alien and my home planet was destroyed helps glue the pieces of my mysterious puzzle together of how come I was in a pod. But there are more questions I need to answer.

I called the Colonel on the Holographic Transmitter. “Get the president on the Holo Transmitter at base and tell him it is urgent.”

“Yes sir!” he replied.

I turned right, into the hall where the doors had opened after 3 hours. People were rushing from loved ones of the dead or injured to police and doctors. I got out and got on my X-13 hovercycle armed with 2 proton torpedo shooters, an M-16 holder, and an auto turret armed with an Assault Rifle. I was going at 260 mph. to get to the base as fast as I could when suddenly, another cycle caught up to me. I could clearly see it was covered in blood, that it belonged to the army and looked like my father’s.

“No, it couldn’t be,” I said. The cycle looked exactly like my father‘s. The back rider was shooting at me with the gunner in the back while the first one was shooting at me with his SMG. It was my father’s cycle. Only his could hold an extra gunner. They were shooting me at rapidly. I went at 500 mph. “They must have installed a machine gun into the gunner,” I thought. I was dodging every shot when suddenly they shot my left mirror. I took and activated my auto turret, locked on it’s coordinates and it shot.

BRRRRRRRRRRRT! BRRRRRRRRRRRT! My auto turret shot. I couldn’t hear the normal humming sound of my friend’s vehicle. There only was smoke. I stopped and got off. I had my M-16 ready. I heard nothing. I shot anyway and still nothing. I walked back to my cycle when suddenly I heard the vehicle’s humming sound. The chasers were alive. I ran to my cycle and went at 600 mph. I looked back and threw a grenade at them. BOOM! I kept on going. On the rest of my way I never saw them. They must have either died or escaped.

At the base I went to the Holographic Transmitter to talk to the president. Instead I was struck by one of the worst news I had ever heard in my life.

“Altair,” the Colonel walked towards me. “We have bad news.”

“What is it?” I asked. “And where is my father?”

“That is just it. We found him dead but we don‘t know who done it.”


“It’s true. We found his body on the highway leading to the building you were at.”

“Darn them!!! I’ll take revenge!”

“Well don’t worry,” said the Colonel. “We knew you were going to end up fighting so I’s gots a whole army set up and ready for ya.”

“Well first get the president on the Holographic transmitter like I asked you to.” I said urgently.

“By the way, What took you so long on the way here Altair?”

“I had encountered the murderers who killed my father.”

“Were they Rotskins?”

“Yeah. Why? Aren’t all the Rotskins evil?” I got no response. The Colonel was just mumbling.

“Umm…how do I say this…umm?”

“Well aren’t they?”

“Umm…well I know how ya don’t like these aliens but some ‘ave sworn loyalty to the CIS and RED (Republic of Earth Defense). So ya have to work with them.”

“Great,” I thought. “Now I have to work with weirdoes from another planet that could betray us or even be spy. Better pay close attention.”

I then was able to get through the line to the President. “Sorry Master Altair.” the president said. The president was young, around his mid thirties to mid forties. He had dark brown hair and tan skin. He was pretty tall and fairly skinny. He had green eyes and was wearing a blue suit with a red tie. He looked frustrated like as if he was concerned about something.

“What’s wrong Mr. President?” I asked.

“I just found out that we lost almost all the nations in the world. If only these beings didn’t have to depend on electricity.”

“Well I got the worst of it all. My father died, we got some of these aliens joining us in the war as allies, and lastly I figured out a mystery I had tried to solve for years.”
“I’m sorry your father died. By the way, you called because of a special reason I take it?”

“Yes. I have just found out that the suicide bombing in the school was all a distraction but we don‘t know for what.”

“Then I guess we’ll have to find out. Well I must go now to meet with the remaining leaders of the world. Good luck Altair.”

“Thank you Mr. President.” As soon as he left I was called to go to the second base nearby and help them so I went to the exporting platform and took a Copterjet all the way there but the thing was that the base was under attack. I helped fight the aliens off but there were too many. I then got hit on my Copterjet’s left wing and slammed down onto the ground. The war had just begun.

To be Continued…

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