Johnny's Experience

January 8, 2008
By vanessa avila, Orem, UT

One’s there was a guy named Johnny he was 23 years old he lived in a place away from the city. He was married and had to kids a boy named Tony and a girl named Daniel. They had always been a happy family they never had problems until Johnny was having work problems. Johnny’s manager was leaving town so that meant Johnny was not going to have work for a while. Each day Johnny and his family would get more poor. Tony and Daniel were starting to get sick and they did not have any thing to make them feel better.

Today Johnny’s wife Mary received a call from Johnny’s parents and they told Mary that they were going to go visit them and that they would get there in less than an hour. Mary was happy because Johnny’s parents were going to go visit them and help them out. Johnny’s parents arrived and they felt sorry for Johnny and his family they noticed that they were really poor. The good thing was Johnny’s parents had brought a lot of money so they helped them out. At night
Mary and Johnny had a talk they were talking about how Johnny’s parents were not going to be helping them all the time so they had to do something about it.

Johnny decided it was time for him to do something about it and he thought of it at night. The next day in the morning Johnny wanted to talk to all of his family and so he did. He told them that he was going to go to the city and he was going to go look for work. Everyone was sad Tony and Daniel were crying. Johnny was going to leave the next day early in the morning around 6 or 7 at night. At night all the family were eating dinner and everyone was all quiet no one would talk every one was really sad.

After dinner Johnny said his good byes to his mom and dad because he did not want to wake them up in the morning. Then he went to Tony’s and Daniel’s room to read them a bed time story. It was time for Johnny to go it was 7 in the morning and he had a long way to go. All Johnny took with him was a bag with some cloth, a stick and this dog. He felt really lonely while he was walking threw these bright green trees with no people around just him and his dog. All he could hear was birds. Finally he got to the city and he stopped to eat at the restaurant when he was walking out he saw a sign that said “Help wanted”.

So he went back inside and told them that he would like to work there he was going to be payed 10 dollars an hour it was good so he got the job. The next day he started working. Johnny would get payed really well after 3 months he got a lot of money and went back home with all of his family.

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